Software update: HWiNFO 5.3.0

Martin Malík of Realix has updated HWiNFO, the DOS version of HWiNFO32, to version 5.3.0. With this program it is possible to find out all kinds of information about the hardware in a computer. The program can also run benchmarks on the system to see how well it performs. HWiNFO32, the Windows version of this program, has been released as freeware since version 2.20, but HWiNFO itself has remained shareware. The program can be tried for two weeks, after which you can purchase a license for $12 for private use or $25 for commercial use. The changelog of this release shows the following changes and improvements:

Changes in HWiNFO version 5.3.0:

  • Added preliminary Westmere-EP, Westmere-WS, Gulftown and Westmere-EX (Eagleton) support.
  • Added complete Intel 5-series/34xx chipsets (Ibex Peak) SKU distinguish.
  • Added nVidia GeForce G 103M (G98/D8M) and GeForce G102M (C79G).
  • Added nVidia N10P-LP (GT216) and GeForce G210M (GT218).
  • Improved recognition of nVidia ION.
  • Added ATI R750 and M97 GL.
  • Added new G92 models: GeForce GT 230, GeForce GTS 240.
  • Added new G94 models: GeForce GT 230, GeForce GT 220.
  • Added new G96 models: GeForce G210.
  • Added new GT215 models: D10P1-30, D10P-40, D10P2-50, N10E-GE, N10E-ES, N10P-GLM4.
  • Added new GT216 models: GeForce GT 220, D10M2-10, D10M2-20, GeForce GT 230M, GeForce GT 240M, N11P-ES, GT216-INT.
  • Added new GT218 models: GeForce G210, Q10E-1L, GT218-ES, GT218-INT-S, GT218-INT-B.
  • Added recognition of Vortex86DX and Vortex86MX CPUs.
  • Added nVidia N10E-GLM, N10E-GLM3, N10E-GS, N10P-NS, N10P-GLM, N10M-GLM, GeForce GTS 150M, Quadro NVS 170M (GT218).
  • Added recognition of Intel LE80578 processor.
  • Enhanced support of ATI RS880 chipset and GPU (RADEON HD 4200).
  • Fixed recognition or Penryn Quad Core.
  • Updated branding of AMD Family 10h and 11h.
  • Added new Intel CPU SSPEC codes and models.

Version number 5.3.0
Release status Final
Operating systems DOS
Website Realix
File size 975.00KB
License type Shareware