Software update: HoneyView 5.10

Bandisoft has released version 5.10 of HoneyView. HoneyView is a free program that allows you to view images. It is small, fast and contains no ad or spyware. Support is available for the most common image formats. Furthermore, it can show EXIF ​​and GPS information, if any, and can also display the images as a slideshow. In addition, minor operations such as rotating, cropping, and resizing can be performed. Since version 5.08, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 5.10

  • Honeyview now supports the Animation PNG image format (APNG
  • Improved accuracy of the playback time when starting a slideshow.
  • Some image files switched slowly when pressing the [ ] key in a certain folder which has more than 1,000 archive files.
  • Added options, “Do not display the animation-info control” and “Do not display the zoom-info control”.
  • Improved the pop-up menu processing method.
  • Display GIF files even if the header information is incorrect.
  • Added the Czech language file by Vladimír Skorepa.
  • Fixed: some Animation WebP files were blurred.

Changes in version 5.09

  • Improved the picture quality of Jpeg when converted.
  • Improved the picture quality of WebP when converted.
  • Improved accuracy of the playback time when showing animated images.
  • The animation BPG image format is supported.
  • Display notification messages in the corner rather than the center.
  • Display the exposure time up to 6 decimal places.
  • Improved image sorting method when using Drag and Drop.
  • The Honeyview window can be dragged/moved if the zoomed in/out image is smaller than the Honeyview window.
  • Added the Kurdish language file by Goran.
  • Fixed: failed to show some animated WebP files.
  • Fixed: failed to process some JPEG files if the thumbnail information is incorrect.

Version number 5.10
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website bandisoft
File sizes

5.31MB – 7.34MB

License type Freeware