Software update: Home Assistant 0.52

Home Assistant is an open source home automation platform that runs under Python 3. It runs via Hassbian on a Raspberry Pi 3 or a Linux, macOS or Windows computer. It supports detecting devices such as Nest thermostats, Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo switches, Mr. Coffee makers and the MQTT protocol. In addition, where possible, it can control these devices and apply automation. For more information, please refer to this page and our forum. The developers have released version 0.52, with the following announcement:

0.52: Scripts editor, locks, HipChat and Abode Home Security

Although the summer is in full progress, the development hasn’t stalled. This release brings bug fixes, clean ups and another 8 new integrations. On top of that we are also introducing a new script editor!

To use the scripts editor, create a new file in your config directory named scripts.yaml and copy your existing scripts over. Then update your configuration.yaml.

New Platforms

  • Add version sensor
  • lock support
  • Add HipChat notify service.
  • Refactor USPS into component with Sensors+Camera
  • Adds London_air component
  • Add Abode home security component
  • Add support for Prowl notifications.
  • Add worldtidesinfo sensor component

Breaking Changes

  • Remove spaces from Xiami switch attributes
  • MQTT Switch: command and availability payload are now no longer linked. Command and availability payload default to ON/OFF and must be configured individually if custom values ​​are required.
  • Refactor USPS into component with Sensors+Camera
  • eliqonline: The optional channel_id configuration variable of the Eliqonline sensor needs to be a positive integer.
  • MySensors: Not a breaking change per se but users that have not been following the mysensors serial API could face dropped messages after this change. Messages are now validated according to the API before being passed along from/to devices. See 0.11 release notes for more info.
  • Automatic has disabled password authentication on their API. Home Assistant will now use OAuth2 to authenticate accounts.

Version number 0.52
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Home Assistant
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)