Software Update: HFS 2.3 Build 242 Beta

The program huhttp file server is aimed at Windows users who simply want to set up a web server for exchanging files. It offers standard http functions and adds a clear interface for both the administration and user side. of these are on this page to see several screenshots. For more information, we refer you to this page. The developer released a new beta version few days ago with 2.3 Build 242 as the version number. The list of changes looks like this:

Version 2.3 Build 242 Beta:

  • {.exec|out=XXX|timeout=YYY.}
  • new {.set item.} version, check documentation
  • {.is substring.} not deprecated anymore, but obsolete and now alias of {.pos.}
  • tray icon menu won’t disappear, broken in build #241

Version 2.3 Build 241 Beta:

  • {.add to log.} supports more color formats
  • new template macro: focus
  • direct access to “Tray icon for each download” from clicking
  • the TAR format is more standard compliant (is it?)
  • new event [file deleted] with symbol %item-deleted%
  • Log Menu > “Tabbed instead of multi-line for the log file”
  • {.cut|var=XXX|to=YYY.}
  • {.set|var=XXX.}
  • {.set append|var=XXX.}
  • left clicking on the download tray icon will popup the menu, just as the right click used to do
  • renamed {.pos|ofs.} to {.pos|from.}
  • {.is substring.} deprecated – use {.pos.}

Version 2.3 Build 240 Beta:

  • {.load|XXX|from=|to=|size=.}
  • in template and scripting {:|:} is replaced by |
  • new template macro: no pipe, filepath
  • auto loading at start a VFS that was deleted, was erroneously warning of file corruption
  • {.exec.} broken in build #232
  • at [upload completed] time, the uploaded file was still locked
  • {.get|uri.} broken in build #238
  • {.clipboard|XXX.} displayed a bogus error

Version number 2.3 build 242 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Rejetto
File size 652.00KB
License type Freeware