Software Update: HDClone 3.8.5

Miray Software has released version 3.8.5 of HDClone. This program can be used to copy data on a hard disk, for example if a new, larger hard disk is inserted into the computer. The source can be the entire hard drive or just a partition. In addition to the aforementioned, the target can also be copied to an image file.

HDClone is available in different versions, namely Free, Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The difference is in the price, the speed with which you can copy and of course the number of options. More information can be found in this pdf document are being found. Miray Software has not disclosed what has changed in this release:

HDClone 3.8.3

Version 3.8.3 of HDClone contains – besides many improved details – an important and useful new feature: HDClone 3.8.3 offers to freely adjust the target size of all partitions to be copied.

While it was only possible to assign the entire free space on the target medium only to one partition until now, from version 3.8.3 on, users can adjust the size of each partition individually by themselves. This works really easy by clicking and dragging with your mouse or, alternatively, with the arrow keys of the keyboard. The upsizing process itself is – as before – integrated into the copying process, which represents the fastest way. HDClone is able to upsize partitions with FAT, NTFS, Ext2, or Ext3 file systems.

HDClone 3.8

Compared to its predecessor, HDClone 3.8 offers a lot of new functions and features. Miray continues the principle of easy operating. As a result, most changes are to be found behind the graphical user interface. But there are also changes to the user interface: drive and partition selection has been arranged even more clearly. In the self-booting version, it now also displays the full volume names.

In addition, there are a lot of technical improvements. The new modes HotCopy and LiveImage create copies and file images while Windows is running. Especially when using HDClone for backups, this is a crucial advantage. More improvements are also to be found in the area of ​​file systems: besides FAT and NTFS, HDClone now also supports ext2 and ext3 file systems. For ext2/ext3 HDClone now also offers the fast SmartCopy mode (copying occupied storage only) as well as automatical up-sizing the file system during copying. A feature relevant to the near future is the use of very large hard disks. HDClone 3.8 now supports hard disks and other storage media with more than 2 Terabytes (2 TB = 2000 GB) capacity. Besides IDE and SATA hard disks, HDClone also supports further interface standards like USB and Firewire with more than 2 TB.

HDClone 3.8 strongly improves restoring of backups. It now allows backups of single partitions or volumes to be restored to existing partitions, unallocated areas of a hard disk or entirely new hard disks – just as required. Furthermore, HDClone makes migration of existing Vista installations to new hard disks much easier and is prepared for use with Windows 7.

Version number 3.8.5
Release status Final
Website Miray Software
File size 10.10MB
License type Freeware/Paid