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Valve has a new one patch Released for the popular game Half-life, this patch is a must-have for all Half-life, Counterstrike and Teamfortress players (and other mods). This patch adds a few things and fixes a few bugs, such as the proxy cheat in CS and the rcon buffer overflow, which allowed you to get shell access on any linux machine running an HL server:

Feature Additions in this Update:

This update contains three new TF maps: Avanti, Flagrun, and Casbah.

Pyro’s burn damage increased in Team Fortress.

Heavy Weapons Guy’s chaingun damage reduced.

All map resources can be downloaded from the game server now. Refer to readme.txt for details.

Anti-grenade triggers added to 2Fort spawn rooms.

Team selection also available from class selection screen in Team Fortress.

In-game text upgraded.

Last weapon used key persists over a player death now.

Bug Fixes in this update:

Counter strike proxy cheat fixed.

High frame rate connection problem fixed.

Cockroaches can now be killed in single player.

‘Tell’ command crash fixed in Team Fortress.

Rcon buffer overflow fixed.

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000
Website 3d files
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