Software Update: Greenshot 1.3.157 Beta

A beta release of Greenshot has been released. Screenshots can be taken with this open source program for Windows. After taking a screenshot, you get the option to edit the image, for example to add text or arrows. The image can be saved as a file or imported directly into a program, or put to the clipboard or even to an online storage service. The release notes for this release are as follows:

New features

  • The editor now has a zoom, completely build by our awesome community member @KillyMXI PR #201
  • Windows 10 has out of the box OCR support, this can now be used from Greenshot. We added functionality which is on par with that we provided via an old Microsoft component called “MODI”. This is the first step, we have some great plans with this.
  • Greenshot can now use the Windows 10 app sharing, share screenshots with app which support bitmaps.
  • Greenshot now can use the Windows 10 notifications system, which looks better. We will add more user friendly functionality for this later.
  • Feature-1110: Making it possible to use a hotkey to open the clipboard, for details look at the issue.

General improvements:

  • Improved the about and error details with better version information, and OS name.
  • Upgraded the .NET Framework dependency to 4.7.2, any lower version would cause a lot of additional work and make the installer even bigger.
  • Used more recent versions of software components, which make it easier to find bugs.
  • DPI improvements, so people can use Greenshot with high DPI screens.
  • Made the selection boxes (grippers) bigger and travel with the DPI settings
  • Update check should have less impact with us and for the user
  • Added Italian to the installer PR #224#230
  • Added support to generate random characters in the filename PR #216

bug fixes
Functionality fixes:

  • bug-2693bug-2693bug-2743: Greenshot doesn’t recoginize a MAPI client
  • Bug-2535: Greenshot selects invisible windows fix was suggested by Raymond Chen here
  • Bug-2544: Enabled TLS1.1 & 1.2 to fix jira connectivity and do not use the JIRA session support as this was deprecated.
  • Bug-2529: This should most likely fix the excessive update checks.
  • Bug-1919: Screenshot works once on Internet Explorer
  • bug-1943: Picassa no longer supported by Google – Picassa plugin update to Google Photos
  • bug-2127: Incorrect link image to picasa
  • bug-2170: Editor buttons are too small on high-resolution PC
  • bug-2300: User need to do a lot of CTRL + Z to undo the ellipse/rectangle modification
  • bug-2736: Cropping a capture where a speech bubble is shown doesn’t move the bubble tail
  • PR #157 — Fixing textbox issue with polish letter “ą”
  • bug #124some minor issues with the EmailDestination
  • bug #149: If using a full screen capture of the current monitor, not the default, the mouse cursor is not visible.
  • bug #283 Fixed an issue with drawing Unicode icons in the editor

Stability fixes:

  • bug-2644: Fixed a NPRE when exporting to Powerpoint when it’s not running yet.
  • bug-2542: Fix for shutdown issue (ImgurPlugin)
  • bug-2249: Error after switching between colors
  • bug-2303: Greenshot 1.2.10 Build 6 (64 bit) – Dotnet 4.0 framework crash.
  • bug-2307: Using the pencil tool, changing colors, undo, pencil tool again, produces error dump.
  • bug-2309: Exception while editing screen shot
  • bug-2403: error message came up immediately after a restart of Windows.
  • bug-2435: Crash
  • bug-2463: Crash on moving freehand drawing
  • bug-2484: Unexpected error pop-up after DRIVER VERIFIER IOMANAGER VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death
  • bug-2486: program window goes white with red x through it
  • bug-2552: Crashed when drawing new colored line after a ctrl+z undo.
  • bug-2557: sudden shut down due to error , Error
  • bug-2567: Automatic error, tells me to report a bug
  • bug-2577: Erreur inattendue
  • bug-2592: Crash when copying to clipboard
  • bug-2615: Greenshot crashed while changing line color
  • bug-2642: Greenshot Image Editor crashed when I clicked “undo”
  • bug-2654: GS crashing when logging off from a Windows account right after logging-on
  • bug-2669: Exception on startup of Greenshot
  • bug-2684: Freehand tool causes crash after color change & undo
  • bug-2698: Imgur: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • bug-2699: Crash on deleting a line path
  • bug-2700: Imgur: Continued Error
  • bug-2703: Crash dump: “Message: The notification platform is unavailable.”
  • bug-2707: Moving or editing object (usually cursor object) occasionally crashes Greenshot

Version number 1.3.157 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website green shot
file size


License type GPL