Software update: GPG Suite 2021.1

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GPG Suite aims to provide an easy installation of GnuPG and related tools on the macOS platform. With GnuPG you can secure communication flows and data with encryption and digital signatures. It supports both OpenPGP and s / mime standards. The developers of GPG Suite have released version 2021.1. Please note that the macOS Mail plug-in called GPG Mail has not been offered for free for some time and now requires a license after the 30-day trial period. However, it is possible to use the other components in the suite without a license, by using GPGMail remove. The changes to this release look like this:

GPG Suite 2021.1

Support for Apple Silicon completed

  • The previous release of GPG Suite included optimized versions of all our Apps and Services for Apple Silicon
  • This release includes a MacGPG version optimized for Apple Silicon as well
  • Rosetta 2 is no longer required to use GPG Suite

GPGMail 5.1 (macOS Big Sur, Catalina & Mojave)


  • Introduces flattened colors for the OpenPGP and S / MIME security method picker to better fit the look of macOS Catalina and Big Sur
  • Shows the security method picker as a toolbar icon if the window is too narrow
  • Automatically change security method based on senders OpenPGP keys or S / MIME certificates [#1087]


  • Sending a signed email with an empty body could lead to a crash [#1079]
  • The security method picker now properly pre-selects the configured default security method [#1078]
  • Fixes a problem where custom wildcard based key mappings were not properly applied [#1080]
  • Workaround a problem where users running Antidote Mail plugin did not see GPG Mail loader and could not load GPG Mail [#1077]
  • Fixes keyboard shortcuts to toggle between S / MIME and OpenPGP [#1085]
  • Fixes a problem where under rare circumstances remote content would be loaded [#1086]

GPG Keychain 1.8


  • Centered toolbar icons in preferences window on Big Sur [#520]


  • Fixes a problem where custom column order was not saved [#518]

GPG Services 2.2


  • The password dialog necessary for encrypting messages or files with a password is now integrated into the main GPG Services window rendering the two separate dialogs previously used obsolete [#270]


  • Fixes a problem where the main window was not shown when Do Not Disturb (DND) was active [#272]
  • Fixes the scrolling performance of key lists [#275]
  • Fixes a rare problem where too many lines were shown on key import, resulting in the dialog growing too large to fit on the screen [#274]

MacGPG 2.2.27


  • Full support for Apple Silicon [#751]


  • Integrate GnuPG 2.2.27 [#754]
  • Integrate Pinentry 1.1.1 [#756]


  • Properly fetches certificates from macOS keychain to establish SSL / TLS connections [#752]
  • Fixes broken key auto-retrieve mechanism [#752]

Version number 2021.1
Release status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website GPGTools
License type Freeware / Paid
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