Software Update: Gom Player

Gretech has released a new version of GOM Player. This free media player is developed by Gretech and is suitable for Windows XP or higher. GOM Player comes with several popular codecs, so they don’t need to be installed separately in Windows. If a file is played for which the codec is not yet available, it can be automatically found and added via the codec finder. Furthermore, support is available for playing incomplete files and of course also for subtitles. The installer comes with an AVG toolbar and Gretech’s Audio Player, but installation is optional. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in version include the following:

  • Added GIF Animation Output feature:
    Added GIF Animation Output feature in Advanced Screen Capture (Ctrl+G). Select “GIF Animation” for Image Format, then press “Animation GIF Starts” to start making an Animation GIF, press “Animation GIF Ends” to end the creation.
  • Added “Enable Hardware Decoding (If possible)” feature:
    Added “Enable Hardware Decoding (If possible)” feature. This feature allows you to use Hardware Decoders for media playback. It’s also possible to customize the decoders for each different type of video formats. Enabling this feature helps decreasing the CPU usage and increasing the processing speed. (“Play using Intel Quick Sync Video” and “Enable Intel HEVC(H.265) decoder” which are supported in the older version, are now integrated in this new feature.)
  • Added YouTube Playback feature:
    It is now possible to open YouTube link directly with GOM Media Player. Open? URL.
  • (Ctrl+U), insert YouTube link, press OK then you’ll be able to watch YouTube Videos on GOM Media Player!
  • Added “Disable Internal Filters Settings” feature:
    Removed “Quick Play Mode” feature and added “Disable Internal Filters Settings” feature instead. This feature now allows you to disable internal video filter (Gretech Video Filter) or/ and internal audio filter (Gretech Audio Filter).
    Note that when internal filters are disabled, features such as capture, rotate, audio stream select may not work properly. This feature is optional and it is not checked in the preferences window at default.
  • Solved the problems in the version of GOM Media Player:
    Fixed the audio issue of .m3u8 URLs playback.
  • Added some more filters in the “Disabled Filters List”:
    More filters are added in the “Disabled Filters List” in the preferences window.
  • Change of the video output type at default:
    Due to some faults occurring in the previous version that supports [EVR – Custom Presenter] at default, the video output type is changed to [VMR( Renderless (DirectX v9)] in this version.
  • Added File Info in the Playing File Info…:
    Added File Info in the “Playing File Info…”. It is now possible to retrieve your File Info in the Playing File Info… (Ctrl+F1) by pressing “Copy to clipboard”. To solve issues regarding the software efficiently, adding a File Info of the file that is having problems to the File Info blank will be helpful.
  • Added “Limit color range: 16-235” feature:
    Added “Limit color range: 16-235” when using “EVR – Custom Presenter” as Video Output Type. This feature is optional and it is not checked in the preferences window at default.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Preview
    Confirmed that GOM Media Player is compatible with Windows 10 Preview. The official support will begin as soon as the release of Windows 10.
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Gretech
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License type Bundleware