Software Update: Goim 0.1.7

Goim is short for Gamers Own Instant Messenger and uses the Jabber/XMPP protocol for communication. The program is specially written for gamers and with this program you can also see which game and on which server your friends are playing at that moment. The developers are busy developing and version 0.1.7 is the last fruit we can reap. The list of changes looks like this:

The next release should be the first “stable” (whatever that means) release of GOIM with the version number 1.0.0 – So i would appreciate as much Feedback as possible for GOIM 0.1.7.

Bug Fixes:

  • Item #07: Improved Preference GUI for adding Games.
  • Item #13: After registering a new Account a restart was necessary before connecting.
  • Item #06: The SelfContact in SimpleContactList didn’t update the game icon when you connected the second time to a game server.
  • Item #04: ChatBrowserWindow: HTML Tags weren’t filtered and resulted in an exception
  • Item #08: ChatBrowserWindow: Return key didn’t always sent the User Input
  • Item #05: ChatBrowserWindow: The Status Information didn’t update for the Other Chat Participant


  • Item #12: Added Battlefield 2 as supported game.


  • Update Manager: The default is now that GOIM checks on every startup if an update is available

[break]Goim 0.1.7 is available in the following two flavors:
Linux GTK
Windows installer

Version number 0.1.7
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP
Website Goim
License type GPL