Software Update: GCfilms 6.0

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With the GCfilms program you can manage your film collection in a clear way. Detailed information of various titles can be obtained via the internet and can then be adapted to your own wishes. You can also enter where you have stored the film or to whom you have lent it. With the extensive search functions you can quickly search through your collection. The program uses Perl, Gtk2 and gtk2 perl which must therefore also be installed on your system. The developers have released a new version with 6.0 as the version number. The following announcement is made:

A new version of GCfilms has been delivered. Instructions to install it could be found here. Here’s the changelog:

  • Peri is now the GCfilms mascot. He has been created by le Spektre.
  • New icons, new skin and changes in graphical interface.
  • Romanian translation added thanks to Mugurel Tudor.
  • New layout modes: ‘Read Only’ and ‘GCfilms Website’. Information cannot be modified with these layouts. User has to double-click on a movie to update it.
  • New layout mode: ‘Compact’. All the information are displayed in only one tab on a reduced area. (task #1993)
  • Movies have a new field: Series. When they are displayed in detailed mode, it is possible to group them by collection. You may also use drag and drop in list to organize movies. (task #2009)
  • A video file may be associated to a movie and played from GCfilms (using a configurable external player) (task #1994)
  • Some information may be extracted from video file. It concerns movie runtime, size, video and audio formats. It works only for OGM, AVI, MPEG and QuickTime videos for the moment. (bug #2243)
  • Import and Export plugins for Tellico, a collection manager for KDE.
  • Plugin to import .tar.gz archives generated through corresponding export plugin.
  • New plugins for Internet searches: Film Affinity (ES and EN) and (SE). (task #1987 et sr #654)
  • Toolbar could be displayed on different places (top, bottom, left, right) and also undocked.
  • Layout mode for movie information may be changed without restarting the application.
  • Images size may be changed for picture and detailed modes.
  • When performing a web search, the selected site may be used automatically for future queries. (task #2056)
  • Searches in collection can be made according to movies years. (bug #2722)
  • Graphical installation program has been changed a lot.
  • Help menu has a new item that lets user know what optional dependencies are not filled and which plugin is concerned by them.
  • New HTML templates, Simple and Shelf. Existing ones have also been changed (specially Tabs).
  • HTML export plugin provides some previews for available templates. It is also possible to automatically open the generated page into the web browser.
  • Exporting movie collection can be done according to current filtering options. (task #1357)
  • New feature in Edit menu and context menu: Duplicate a movie. It will create a new movie with all the fields filled with values ​​of the current one.
  • Double clicking on a movie in list open a window where movie information can be modified.
  • New field: Video Format (bug #2666)
  • Images can be stored with a path relative to data file. (sr #653)
  • In window asking for confirmation when removing a movie, a check box lets user change the corresponding setting.
  • In image mode, background picture may be changed independently of what the theme is.
  • Size of windows displayed to show movie information is saved. (bug #2836)
  • A right click on movie picture displays a small context menu with an option to clear the image. (bug #2705)
  • In detailed mode, movie identifier is updated in list when modified. (bug #2704)
  • Automatic identifier generation improved. (bug #2702)
  • Ordering by movie identifier is done numerically. (bug #2701)
  • Categories filtering takes spaces into account. (bug #2799)
  • Sort field and sort order used by movies list are stored between GCfilms uses. (sr #760)
  • Charset problem fixed in HTML export. (bug #2837)
  • Bugs fixed in IMDb plugin (bug #2782 and bug #4722)
  • Bug fixed in OFDb plugin.
  • Windows installer could install ActiveState Perl if needed.
  • Bug fixed in Windows uninstaller that caused removal of personal information (movies collection and configuration). Now this is asked to the user.
  • Removal of websites pictures from packages because of license problems.
  • Changed default options.
  • More GNOME Human Interface Guidelines compliance. It includes use of some standard dialog boxes (eg the About dialog).
  • Lot of internal changes for performance improvements and easier maintenance.

The following flavors are available:
Source tarball
Linux RPM
Unix and GNU/Linux installer

Version number 6.0
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP
Website the Gna! people
License type GPL
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