Software Update: FTP Serv-U 3.0 Beta 5

[email protected] reports that Deerfield released Serv-U FTP 3.0 Beta 5 today. Serv-U is a small, yet comprehensive program. It is easy to set up and can be used for free to a certain extent. You can Serv-U here take down. Below is a list of changes:

=========== v3.0 build 5 ==========

  • Added support for switching menu images on/off.
  • Added support for F6 to toggle focus between left and right panels.
  • Changed default local loopback admin port number.
  • Fixed bug in passing the server IP to access verification DLLs.
  • Fixed bug in checking IP access for accounts with a verification DLL.
  • Fixed bug in Master Wizard in case another server is running on the admin port.
  • Added persistence to page control tab selection of various panels.
  • Fixed bug only allowing 5 uploads and 5 downloads per client session.
  • Added NT performance monitor support.
  • Added crash log reporting with debug info, automatically written at each crash.

Version number 3.0 beta 5
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website FileForum