Software Update: FreeNAS Corral 10.0

The final release of FreeNAS version 10 has been released. With this software, a computer included in the network can be used as ‘network attached storage’, so purely for storing data. Additional functionality can be added with the help of plugins. The whole is based on FreeBSD and provided with a clear web interface. More information about the possibilities of FreeNAS can be found at this page are being found.

Version 10 includes a completely new and completely asynchronous user interface and virtual machines and Docker containers can be used via the bhyve hypervisor. The program has also been renamed because the version number is no longer in sync with the FreeBSD version number. The complete release notes for this release are as follows:

Introducing FreeNAS Corral: The World’s First Open Source Hyper-converged Storage Platform

The driving principle behind everything we do at iXsystems is the belief that Open Source technology has the power to change the world through its process of open and collaborative innovation. With FreeNAS Corral (formerly FreeNAS 10), iXsystems unveils the next generation of the world’s most popular Open Source software-defined storage appliance. Only a new name could do justice to the sheer amount of change and new functionality here, including user-friendly virtualization and 100% compatible Docker container support.

FreeNAS Corral is 100% free and Open Source, building on the success of the FreeNAS Open Source project. FreeNAS Corral is fully committed to the Open Source development model, being based exclusively on Open Source technologies, and its storage services are designed to be fully compatible with FreeNAS 9.10. Its many enterprise-grade features include a rewritten middleware architecture, a modern graphical user interface, support for Docker containers, its own built-in hypervisor that supports virtualization with full ZFS integration, and a powerful command line interface that can be used to control every aspect of the FreeNAS Corral software. At iXsystems, delivering innovative solutions to the world of Open Source is our passion!

As one of the many users of the FreeNAS 10 Beta said, “It’s nearly impossible to compare FreeNAS 10 to FreeNAS 9.x as it has morphed into a brand new, more powerful solution. The new graphical user interface alone is a selling-point that any user will love at first sight. FreeNAS Corral has brought support for Docker, bhyve, new dashboard widgets, and better alerts and reporting. All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful GUI, and backed with OpenZFS to keep your data safe. I’m happy to say FreeNAS Corral has earned a guaranteed spot in my lab.”

To learn all about FreeNAS Corral’s capabilities you can watch this short video. You can experience FreeNAS Corral in my state of the union video or experience it for yourself by downloading FreeNAS Corral from the FreeNAS website and installing it on a virtual or physical machine. You can also select the FreeNAS-Corral-STABLE train from the Update tab of a FreeNAS 9.10 system in order to upgrade a FreeNAS 9.10 system to FreeNAS Corral.

Version number 10.0
Release status Final
Operating systems BSD
Website iXsystems
License type GPL