Software Update: FreeNAS 11.3-U5

A fifth update has been released for version 11.3 of FreeNAS. With this software, a networked computer can be used as network attached storage. Additional functionality can be added with the help of plugins. The whole is based on FreeBSD and provided with a clear web interface. More information about the possibilities of FreeNAS can be found at this page are being found.

FreeNAS version 11.3 includes an improved replication engine that performs up to ten times better, an access control list manager that allows the creation of smb shares from the interface, and a repository for community plugins. The complete release notes for version 11.5 can be found on this page are being found; this release aims to solve over a hundred problems.

FreeNAS 11.3-U3.5

iXsystems is pleased to announce the general availability of the fifth update to FreeNAS version 11.3! 11.3-U5 is a maintenance release that has over 100 bug fixes to the Middleware and Web Interface. This is now the most stable and performant release of FreeNAS 11.3 and users are encouraged to update immediately!

Here is the full changelog for FreeNAS 11.3-U5:

Bug Fixes

  • NAS-107603 – Replication that worked in 11.3-U4 and 12.0-Beta2 fails in 12.0-RC1
  • NAS-107544 – SMART and scrub tasks are not running
  • NAS-107533 – Unable to remove certificate in s3 service
  • NAS-107531 – Comment and restrict change of large blocks support in replication
  • NAS-107506 – Additional Domains don’t show up on save
  • NAS-107468 – Cloud sync to Wasabi fails with “Can’t mix absolute and relative paths”
  • NAS-107411 – No Task Manager Progress is shown
  • NAS-107316 – UPS Settings Saving Bug
  • NAS-107315 – middleware memory leak
  • NAS-107314 – Replicated dataset is not set to read-only
  • NAS-107292 – Unable to Delete Expired ACME Certificate
  • NAS-107235 – Error when updating a Jail 11.3-RELEASE-p6 to 11.3-RELEASE-p612
  • NAS-107160 – Apparent crash on delete or share to invalid directory
  • NAS-107148 – Generate a random default serial extent
  • NAS-107133 – unable to delete iscsi file extents
  • NAS-107128 – When creating pool, adding vdev, then removing it, leaves debris
  • NAS-107121 – `failover_aliases` and `failover_virtual_aliases` are being overwritten as empty arrays
  • NAS-107120 – change failover_vhid to type `select` instead of `input`
  • NAS-107116 – allow editing empty interfaces
  • NAS-107108 – Google Drive Cloud Sync tasks fail with exportSizeLimitExceeded
  • NAS-107107 – Clear any potential stale state after leaving AD domain
  • NAS-107104 – ACME DNS renewals don’t work
  • NAS-107100 – Do not run check_available in a tight loop in case an exception happens
  • NAS-107099 – Do not display previous replication task status after deleting it and…
  • NAS-107096 – Custom sync schedule forgotten when editing task
  • NAS-107090 – Merge FreeBSD SA-20:21-30 EN-20:17-18
  • NAS-107076 – Expand regression tests for user api
  • NAS-107074 – Permissions are incorrect on home directory move
  • NAS-107067 – Fix chown of skel directory contents for new local users
  • NAS-107055 – Forums user reported logs filled with fruit error messages
  • NAS-107053 – Pool in dashboard omits special vdevs from count and status
  • NAS-107037 – Have ftp reload method reload proftpd rather than restart it
  • NAS-107035 – Swap size setting not honored on 4k sector disks
  • NAS-107032 – Unable to upload 8TB file to backblaze.
  • NAS-107029 – Unable to configure UPS on TrueNAS 12
  • NAS-107023 – Expand list of error strings that should trigger an AD rejoin
  • NAS-106993 – Reassign sys. {stdout,stderr} after log rollover
  • NAS-106984 – “jls” hostname does not reflect modified hostname
  • NAS-106978 – Add regression tests for AD machine account keytab generation
  • NAS-106966 – collectd: blank warning emails
  • NAS-106965 – qBittorrent Plugin Not Installing
  • NAS-106948 – Recycle bin versioning not enabled
  • NAS-106918 – Replacing boot usb drive problem
  • NAS-106866 – Proper/better errno for failed authentication
  • NAS-106864 – SED doesn’t work for nvme
  • NAS-106854 – plugin boot checkbox re-enables itself
  • NAS-106842 – Setting IPMI to DHCP should gray-out IP addresses
  • NAS-106840 – setting invalid VHID value fails silently.
  • NAS-106808 – Ensure monpwd/monuser fields are provided for UPS service
  • NAS-106798 – api context /services/iscsi/targettoextent does not allow null value for iscsi_lunid
  • NAS-106797 – Periodic Snapshot Tasks – “Enabled” checkboxes are not unique inputs
  • NAS-106787 – iSCSI webUI columns COMPLETELY break when edited
  • NAS-106745 – Cloud Sync Bandwidth Limit Field Validation
  • NAS-106713 – Cron job still runs despite being deactivated and then deleted
  • NAS-106690 – Can’t clear Kerberos Principal from GUI
  • NAS-106682 – Validation Error on creation of Manual SSH Connection for Replication Task
  • NAS-106675 – dashboard is completely blank no widgets
  • NAS-106658 – ZFS replication does not create datasets on target
  • NAS-106583 – FreeNAS disks forget their assigned pool
  • NAS-106496 – System crash after middlewared.set_sysctl():407 – Failed to set sysctl
  • NAS-106133 – Categories for support proxy
  • NAS-106110 – UPS ups is on battery power alerts since upgrade to 11.3
  • NAS-106038 – Replication progress report error
  • NAS-105099 – Periodic Snapshot are missing the lifetime in its name
  • NAS-104906 – Rsync tasks view shows incorrect remote path
  • NAS-102808 – Running Cloud Sync tasks keep on running after deletion in GUI

Due to numerous improvements in the replication engine and ZFS, FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 will no longer replicate to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 9.10 systems (or earlier). Solution: update the destination system to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 or newer.

Known Issues

  • The web interface can become unresponsive after upgrading.
    Workaround: Clear the browser cache and refresh the page (Shift + F5).
  • NAS-106882 – Some plugins are not showing their version.
    Workaround: None: some plugins remain unversioned and will be moved to the “Community” plugins list for TrueNAS 12.0 (NAS-106610).
  • NAS-107132 – Replication from FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 (and newer) to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 9.10 (or earlier) is not functional.
    Workaround: Update the destination system to FreeNAS/ TrueNAS 11.3 or newer.

Version number 11.3-U5
Release status Final
Operating systems BSD
Website iXsystems
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)