Software update: Foxit Reader 9.1.0


Foxit Software has released an update for version 9.0 of Foxit Reader. This alternative to Adobe Reader is perfectly compatible with most PDF documents, but complex or very large documents are sometimes a bit too big a challenge. However, it is a solution for computers with limited resources. Nowadays, documents can also be stored online in Foxit Cloud. In version 9.0.1 the following changes and improvements have been made:

New Features:

  • Read and interact with PDFs by NVDA
    Enable visually impaired users to read and interact with PDFs using NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access).
  • Show alternative text when hovering over an image
    For images with an alternative text, show alternative text when you hover your mouse over it to help you understand the image better.
  • Create custom dynamic stamp with custom values ​​
    Create custom dynamic stamp with custom values ​​to invoke a prompt window for users to input information while adding a stamp in PDF file
  • Justify comment text
    Justify text while adding a PDF. 19659007] Improvements:

    • Deployment enhancements – available in Foxit Reader (MSI package) only
      • Use Foxit Customization Tool to embed a registration code in the MST file to enable company-wide registration during inst allation.
      • Use GPO templates and XML Editor to control Microsoft IRM protection version (including Microsoft IRM V1, Microsoft IRM V2, and Microsoft IRM PFile Protection) for document encryption.
      • Configure the trusted application list using GPO templates or XML Editor to deploy it across the organization.
    • Create keyboard shortcuts for the submenus in Foxit Reader ribbon.
    • Scale the page content on the printed page
    • Save the search results to PDF or CSV files for further reference

    Issues Addressed:

    • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for details



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