Software update: Foxit Reader 10.0.0

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Foxit Software has released version 10.0 of Foxit Reader. This alternative to Adobe Reader works great with most PDF documents, but complex or very large documents can sometimes be a little too much of a challenge. However, it is a godsend for computers with limited resources. Nowadays, documents can also be stored online in Foxit Cloud. In version 10, the following changes and improvements have been made:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Fill & Sign
    • Fill & Sign provides a convenient workflow of filling flat forms (ie non-interactive) and quick signing by typing or drawing your signature, or using an image. With the Fill & Sign tools, you can add text and other symbols anywhere on a flat form.
  • Better support for 4K and other high-resolution displays.
  • Automatically search all instances of a text string and then highlight them.
  • More preference options for Advanced Search
    • A new option to make subsequent searches faster by storing a cache of information from PDF files that you search.
    • Support proximity searching, which searches for two or more words that are separated by no more than a certain number of words. The feature is useful when you are looking for concepts that might be expressed by multiple different phrases.
    • More advanced options allow you to find words that share the same word stem of the specified search word, or ignore Asian character width, diacritics, and accents.
  • Display all comments in a desired font for better accessibility
    • Users can choose the desired font and font size for all comments in all documents they read, overriding the document’s settings.
  • Additional GPO settings for enterprise administration (MSI package only)
    • New capabilities include locking down some additional settings, such as default PDF viewer and ability to create self-signed digital IDs.
  • More JavaScript support for complex form workflows.
  • Support for using, not creating, the new form fields in PhantomPDF 10
    • Field type support includes barcode, date, and image form fields.
  • Multiple enhancements to bookmark editing and reading.
    • Multiple enhancements to tag reading.
    • Support Hindi Digits to allow you to input numbers in Hindi.
    • Foxit Update Server (a separately orderable cloud-based service) provides IT the ability to better manage and automate the software upgrade process and to ensure users upgrade to the exact release that IT has tested, without having to access an external server.
      • Automatically download updates from Foxit servers and make them available on a local network.
      • Automatically approve updates for users to download, or restrict users to only download approved updates.
      • Set times when all users, or specific users/groups, can download updates.
      • Push updates to users, requiring them to install them.

    Issues Addressed

    • Fixed some stability issues.
    • PDF creation is not available in Foxit Reader 10.0.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Foxit Software
File size 66.21MB
License type Freeware
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