Software Update: FeedDemon 1.6 RC2

Nick Bradbury of Bradbury Software has just released the second release candidate of FeedDemon 1.6. FeedDemon is an RSS aggregator for the Windows platform and is able to regularly check RSS feeds from, for example, websites, weblogs and forums and to alert you to new content. This version can simply be installed over an existing installation, but it is recommended to make a backup first to be sure. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 RC2

  • Added: Find Feeds – online keyword search for new feeds
  • Added: Timed synchronization now occurs in the background without requiring the UI to be locked by the “Synchronization” dialog. Note, however, that the dialog may appear when synchronization occurs before specific actions (such as deleting a synchronized folder or manually updating feeds) (37848)
  • Added: The feed reports now include two new Attention reports, which are similar to the “Most/Least Visited” reports except that feed ranking is determined by several criteria other than simply feed clicks.
  • Added: More information added to “Statistics” page in feed properties dialog
  • Added: “Export Last Report to OPML” added to Tools | Feed Reports menu
  • Added: “Prince” newspaper style now has “Add to news bin” icon
  • Added: Options|Sounds now includes the option to play a sound when the desktop alert is shown (disabled by default)
  • Added: Video podcasts (m4v/mp4/mov) added to FeedStation’s default list of podcast file types
  • Added: More informative display of activation problems
  • Added: Proxy settings added to FeedStation (38156)
  • Added: Improved OPML export based on tests with the OPML Validator beta
  • Added: “Manage Subscriptions” now enables selecting multiple folders for deletion (39702)
  • Changed: FeedDemon now downloads your NewsGator Online subscriptions at startup before updating, and if any changes are found it asks whether to apply them to FeedDemon. Note that the following changes are detected:
    • deleted feeds
    • Rename feeds
    • moved feeds
    • Deleted folders
    • Renamed folders
  • This feature may be disabled by clicking the “Synchronization” button in FeedDemon’s options and disabling the “Check for subscription changes at startup” option.
  • Changed: Converting a synced folder to a private one now always removes the folder from NewsGator Online
  • Changed: The “Feed Defaults” button has been removed from options now that feed defaults are defined at the folder level
  • Changed: Properties set at the folder level are now inherited by feeds that are later added to that folder. Note, however, the folder properties defined prior to this release will not be inherited, so you may need to redefine the folder properties. (38473)
  • Changed: When “Create News Bin” is selected from the “Copy to News Bin” menu item, the selected post (or URL) is automatically added to the new news bin
  • Changed: Simplified the news item context menu by moving several actions to a “Send To” submenu
  • Changed: Newspaper styles now use special “fdaction:” protocol for downloading enclosures – this won’t impact end users, but it may impact third-party newspaper styles
  • Changed: Simplified “Manage Subscriptions” by removing statistics tab and no longer showing the state (unread/flagged coloring) of each feed and folder
  • Changed: After a folder is deleted, the next folder is made active
  • Changed: UFT8 byte-order-mark no longer added to exported OPML
  • Fixed: Read/unread state not being synced when marking individual items as read using Ctrl+Q (33842)
  • Fixed: Authenticated feeds can’t be synchronized with NewsGator Online (36611)
  • Fixed: FeedDemon doesn’t ask for your correct login when importing OPML from Bloglines with an incorrect login (39500)
  • Fixed: Performance problems when displaying very large news items which contain hundreds of HTML tags
  • Fixed: Disabled feeds aren’t grayed out in “Manage Subscriptions” (37303)
  • Fixed: Folders renamed in NewsGator Online aren’t renamed in FeedDemon
  • Fixed: FeedDemon fails to start when attempting to parse an invalid FDSRCH file
  • Fixed: Feed reports don’t correctly display Unicode characters in feed titles
  • Fixed: “Manage Subscriptions” is very slow when displaying a folder containing a large number of feeds
  • Fixed: Empty synched folders don’t get updated with feeds added in NewsGator Online (37454)
  • Fixed: Can’t subscribe to feeds containing undefined XML namespaces
  • Fixed: “Add Subscription” wizard doesn’t auto-populate URL when clipboard contains a feed: URL (39698)
  • Fixed: Feed titles wrap in feed bar hints
  • Fixed: Problems displaying Windows-1255 feeds
  • Fixed: Exception when unsubscribing after clicking feed in report (38254)
  • Fixed: Untranslated text on feed login dialog when first login attempt fails (37778)
  • Fixed: Sporadic exception when closing if desktop alert is still visible and is fading
  • Fixed: Ampersands show as accelerators in status bar text
  • Fixed: Synchronization options dialog doesn’t correctly validate changes to login
  • Fixed: Toolbar doesn’t resize correctly if customized to show a single item (39228)
  • Fixed: FeedStation fails to add itself to ‘App Paths’ section of registry (38125)
  • Fixed: Tray icon reset to show no unread items when switching feeds/folders regardless if doing so marked anything as read
  • Fixed: Folder Properties dialog doesn’t revert back to private if unable to convert folder to sync (39299)

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Version number 1.6RC2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website BradburySoftware
File size


License type Shareware