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On Wednesday, after being delayed several times due to some showstoppers, version 13 of the Linux distribution Fedora was finally released. Fedora is the non-commercial successor to Red Hat Linux, which has been targeting the business market with Red Hat Enterprise Linux since 2003. Fedora 13 is based on kernel version 2.6.33 and ships with Gnome 2.30 by default, but versions such as KDE 4.4 or Xfce are also available. New features include driver support for Nvidia hardware, including experimental 3D support and displayport connections. Below is an overview of all major improvements in version 13:

The following are major features for Fedora 13:

  • Automatic print driver installation
  • Automatic language pack installation
  • Redesigned user account tool
  • Color management to calibrate monitors and scanners
  • Experimental 3D support for NVIDIA video cards
  • Some other features in this release include:
  • A new way to install Fedora over the Internet
  • SSSD authentication for users
  • Updates to NFS
  • Zarafa Open Source edition, a new open-source groupware suite
  • System rollback for the Btrfs file system
  • Better SystemTap probes
  • A Python 3 stack that can be installed parallel to an existing Python stack
  • Support for the entire Java EE 6 spec in Netbeans 6.8

Version number 13
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, Linux x86, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64
Website Fedora Project
License type GPL
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