Software Update: ExifTool 12.42

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Phil Harvey has released version 12.42 of ExifTool. ExifTool is a free and cross-platform program that allows the metadata of a large number of files can be managed and edited. It works from the command line, but there are 3rd party solutions available that allow it to be used with a graphical user interface as well. New versions appear regularly, but most releases are made available under the beta flag, however version 12.42 is a stable release. Since version 12.40, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 12.42:

  • Added support for reading maker notes from Panasonic DC-GH6 videos
  • Added conversion for Samsung MCCData
  • Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Chris)
  • Added a few new Canon LensType values
  • Added a couple of new Olympus StackedImage values ​​(thanks Eberhard)
  • Added a few new values ​​for some Nikon Settings tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
  • Added a “lang:” element to the -json output for alternate language tags when -D, -H or -t is used
  • Update DNG writer to not issue an error when writing DNG 1.6 files
  • Decode information from DJI “ae_dbg_info” maker notes
  • Decode Olympus AISubjectTrackingMode
  • Changed ExifTool FileSize print conversion to use kB/MB/GB units instead of KiB/MiB/GiB
  • Changed “is not shiftable” warning to appear in -v (instead of just -v3) output
  • Patched to allow PDF Encrypt object to be “null”
  • Fixed bug reading ICC_Profile ‘meta’ tags

Changes in version 12.41:

  • Added support for “OM SYSTEM” maker notes
  • Added 2 new Sony LensType values ​​(thanks Jos Roost)
  • Added some new Canon lenses (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Bert Ligtvoet)
  • Added a new Canon ContinuousDrive value (thanks Wolfgang Gülcker)
  • Enhanced -v0 option to also print new file name when renaming, moving or copying a file
  • Updated xmp2exif.args and exif2xmp.args helper files to reflect the IPTC Photometadata Mapping Guidelines version 2202.1
  • Made “Invalid Xxx data” a minor warning for MakerNote data
  • Patched to allow writing of MP4 videos which have other tracks with a missing sample description entry
  • Patched MacOS version to specify directory for external utilities (setfile, xattr, stat, mdls and osascript from /usr/bin, and tag from /usr/local/bin)
  • Fixed long-standing problem where Windows version could behave differently for -if conditions containing undefined tags
  • Fixed problem where -W+! combined with -j or -X produced invalid JSON or XML when processing multiple files
  • Fixed potential “uninitialized value $time in division” runtime warning when reading MP4 videos

Version number 12.42
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Phil Harvey
License type GPL
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