Software Update: eXeem Public Beta 0.24

The fifth public test version of eXeem has just been released. eXeem is a BitTorrent program, but different. Websites where so-called torrents have to be obtained and central servers (trackers) are no longer necessary. Unfortunately, the program failed to live up to its artificially lofted expectations after the disappearance of Suprnova, mainly due to its use of spyware and adware. Many people have installed popup and ad blockers and then the program switches back to a maximum download of 5KB/sec. There are no major changes in this version, the changelog looks like this:


  • fixed of-by-one month in publication date in rss
  • long search strings don’t mess up the search-tabs
  • more reliable event logging
  • parts of protocol moved to udp for better performance
  • experimental upnp support
  • various small fixes


Version number Public Beta 0.24
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website eXeem
File size


License type Spy/Adware