Software update: Eudora Email beta

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Yesterday, Qualcomm released a new beta version of its email client Eudora. The release has been given version number beta and can from here are downloaded. Eudora can be used in three ways. First, you can work for free with limited options. Then there is the possibility to still get started for nothing, but with more functionality. In that case, some advertisements will be displayed. After all, for fifty dollars, the full arsenal of features can be used and that too without advertising. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:


  • Fixed case where losing the network connection during the response to the UIDL command would cause many of the already downloaded messages to be downloaded again.
  • Fixed bug where POP personalities with no configured POP Account caused message redownload when emptying the Trash and the “Delete from server when emptied from Trash” option is turned on.
  • Leave Mail On Server file (lmos.dat), which keeps track of what messages have been downloaded from the POP server, now backed up a configurable number of times (default 10). Can be changed with .
  • More rigorous check for a valid number of messages in the response to a STAT command.


  • Lined up columns and zero-padded seconds of time in log file to make it easier to read.
  • Account and personality name added to logging of events in POP sessions.
  • Improvements to error codes logged on move/rename/delete file routines. Now showing result from GetLastError() when system routines fail
  • Bumped up the default log file size to 10 MB: disk is cheap.
  • Added a line to the log file during shutdown.
  • Improved logging of some sponsored mode failure dialogs.


  • Fixed hang after filtering IMAP messages.
  • Fixed problem where fetching an IMAP mailbox tree could silently fail when the server’s SSL certificate was not trusted.
  • Deleted IMAP junk messages in the Inbox are no longer automatically junked
  • Fixed potential crash when certain IMAP operations failed repeatedly
  • No longer filtering incoming IMAP messages that are marked as deleted
  • Fixed potential crash when filtering incoming IMAP messages and one or more of those messages were marked as deleted.


  • In “Tools|Options|Checking Mail” the “Last SSL Info” button now works forIMAP as well as POP
  • Fixed bogus “certificate name does not match” when negotiating an SSL connection
  • Improved becoming when non-fatal certificate errors are encountered
  • Fixed bug that would cause repeated requests for the user to trust an SSL certificate.


  • Now limiting nickname field in address book to 32 characters, since that’s all we support saving
  • Fixed case where certain address book entries could cause a crash when newmail was received
  • Make Address Book Entry now works when the preview pane is turned off


  • No longer telling Light mode users to profile
  • ontextual filing is no longer available in light mode
  • In light mode you can no longer check mail for other personalities via Ctrl+Shift+M

mailto: URLs

  • Question marks in values ​​of mailto: parameters no longer considered field separators
  • mailto: URLs with encoded characters were being decoded too soon, which caused them not to be parsed correctly


  • Fixed crash that could occur when displaying a missing embedded GIF image.
  • No longer install “noseless” emoticons because they appeared to trigger on non-emoticon text too often.
  • Fixed case where images in a message would not display when replying to or forwarding the message.
  • Fixed case where embedded images wouldn’t display with built in viewer.
  • Fixed case where embedded images sometimes displayed cut off.
  • Attachments with special characters and character sequences in them (eg the ampersand character and multiple sequencial spaces) now displayed correctly and can be launched successfully.


  • Removed check for embedded top-level domains from ScamWatch
  • Fixed bug introduced in 6.2 where Eudora could crash during launch if the Out mailbox needed to be rebuilt
  • Fixed case where HTML tables in certain junk messages could cause Eudora’s built in viewer to crash
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when checking mail and the In mailbox was locked by another program (eg a backup application).
  • Fixed bug introduced in 6.2 where using “Find Messages” to find messages containing a phrase was slow and could yield less matches and/or incorrect matches particularly for large mailboxes
  • Eudora now supports 9999 attachments with the same name (increased from 999)
  • Fixed small toolbar button for “Filter Messages”
  • Fixed bug where selected/highlighted text could be deleted during emoticon conversion
  • Fixed obscure bug where text in filters would be replaced with garbage if the text exceeded approximately 256 characters
  • Fixed bug where it sometimes was not possible to paste text into the “Search Bar”
  • Fixed bug where plugin composition toolbar icons were not displayed properly in Eudora 6.2
  • Added a new hidden option, < x-Eudora-option:WordWrapQPFlowed >, which controls how many characters before Eudora will wrap a line when sending a message if the message is being sent with the format=flowed parameter (has long lines) and quoted -printable encoding (has 8-bit characters). The default value is 50 characters. Also, the default value for where lines get wrapped for non-quoted-printable text, < x-Eudora-option:WordWrapColumn >, was changed to 70 characters.
  • Fixed case where replying to a messages sometimes used wrong personality for reply.
  • Now ensuring that docking/floating windows are big enough to be visible.
  • Added a toolbar/docking/floating window reset mechansim by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys while doing a toolbar customize (right-click on main toolbar and select Customize).
  • No longer produce confusing “no such file” error message about an empty file name when more than 9999 of the same-named attachments are received.
  • No longer skipping messages if set to skip messages over 0 (zero) K. Setting must be set to at least 1 K.
  • Removed ACAP panel from Options dialog.
  • Added the “Use submission port (587)” option to Tools->Options-> Sending Mail and the “Generic Properties” tab of the personality properties.
  • Now using the domain in the Return Address for the domain part of the generated Message-Id.


Version number beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Qualcomm
file size


License type Shareware
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