Software update: Eudora 5.1

A new version of their mail program has appeared on Eudora’s site. _placebo_ was wise enough to point this out to us. He was also able to inform us that, among other things, the following has changed since the previous version:

  • SSL is now supported in Eudora.
  • Eudora Shell Extension now warns you when you try to run a file in your Attach directory outside of Eudora.
  • MIME digests are now handled in Eudora. It can be enabled in Tools-Options-Attachments.
  • Last Text Color formatting button saves the last color that you selected for changing the color of the text. If you press the key while selecting a color, then that color change would not be retained; otherwise, Last Text Color will take on that changed color. This button is combined with the Color selection button, so the last text color is represented by a small rectangle below the palette.
  • Find Messages results now supports Transfer, Reply, Reply to All, Forward, and Redirect.
  • Words or phrases flagged by MoodWatch are now underlined with chilies.
  • We added a new style button called Strikeout which will cross out any selected text with a horizontal line.

    [break]You can read the release notes with even more new features and bug fixes here find.[/break]

  • Version number 5.1
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website Eudora