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Software update: EssentialPIM 7.65


 EssentialPIM logo (60 pix) Astonsoft has released version 7.65 of EssentialPIM. This ‘personal information manager’ makes it possible to keep appointments, manage an address book and send and receive e-mails. The program can be used in various languages. EssentialPIM is available in a standard and a pro version. The first is free, but has fewer functions. For example, Outlook or the cloud services from, for example, Google, Apple or Dropbox can not be synchronized. A complete overview of the differences can be found on this page . The following improvements have been made since version 7.53:

New in EssentialPIM 7.65

  • Improved contacts synchronization with
  • “Leave messages on server” option now works as expected for the POP3 type or mail accounts
  • Fixed couple of minor issues for IMAP accounts when receiving mail
  • Rich text signature will always look ok for plain text mail messages
  • Fixed rare synchronization issue with EPIM Cloud
  • Coupe of other fixes and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.64

  • Improved synchronization of tasks with Toodledo
  • Much faster import of huge iCal files
  • Better EPIM handling on systems with multiple monitors
  • Improvements related to synchronization with EPIM Cloud and to Synchronization or Android EPIM with WinEPIM (running on Chinese Windows)
  • Fixed lots of problems in Mail module
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.63

  • Abilit the ESCAPE button
  • Roll up / down sticky notes by double clicking on the title bar
  • UI improvements
  • Improved printing of appointments
  • Fixed synchronization of tasks priorities with Android EPIM and other other rare sync problems
  • Fixed issues with setting up shortcuts in the programming settings
  • Couple of fixes and improvements for IMAP mail accounts
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.62

  • Many improvements regarding how EssentialPIM looks like high-resolution displays
  • Much faster synchronization with Android EPIM
  • EPIM will check if there’s similar shortcuts in use when setting up new ones
  • Improved import from Outlook and synchronization with
  • Sync speed optimizations and sync al gorithm improvements for EPIM Cloud
  • Improved drag and drop support or recurring events in calendar
  • More intuitive handling of fields in contacts
  • Changes in email signatures will now be immediately
  • Minor improvements on how reminders are handled (now similarly to Android EPIM)
  • Couple of calendar printing improvements
  • Tags can be switched on / off in any module
  • Fully functional PGP key management feature in mail
  • Unicode text in iCal (.ics ) files is fully supported now
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.61

  • Ability to hide customized view line
  • Quickly delete mail from spam folders using right click and the “Empty Spam” option [19659004] Drag and drop or iCal (* .ics) files to calendar now works as expected
  • Option to exclude attachments from synchronization with Android EPIM (version 5.3.2 version of AEPIM)
  • Dyn amically adjusted title bar based on the subject line for email messages
  • Passwords groups hierarchy can now be synchronized through Google
  • Added printing of the detailed view in tasks
  • Stability improvements in EPIM Cloud, Google, and iCloud synchronizations
  • Implemented optimizations regarding synchronization or attachments with Android EPIM
  • Fixed option to start EssentialPIM with pre-selected module
  • Fixed issue with inability to log into Dropbox in order to use the built-in Dropbox support feature [19659004] “List of origin” column […]
  • Fixed recurrence pattern for tasks

in EssentialPIM 7.6

  • Send mass-mail newsletters with rich-text
  • A special yellow line at the top indicates something is filtered
  • Tags and attachments are synchronized with EPIM Android
  • The reminder window has a new setting to “stay on top”
  • To / From addresses in email now have features to copy / add to address book / compose email / create rule
  • Ability to use AND / OR operators in quick search
  • “Show in Calendar” default option for tasks
  • Forward tasks and appointments as iCal and contacts as vCard via email
  • Message rules now have additional parameter “is / is not in Contacts “
  • Forward multiple emails at once
  • Regular and Detailed views for” by due date “in tasks
  • Imports iCal file by dragging and dropping
  • Limit Google Calendar and Android EPIM synchronizations by date range
  • Task templates now remember dates, as well
  • EPIM Today can now show tasks for up to 99 days in advance
  • Tasks import from iCal improved
  • Improved copy / pasting from br owser to notes
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Improved moving or recurring events on the calendar’s grid
  • Improved advanced search
  • iCloud synchronization fixes
  • 19659004] Fixed synchronization to

New in EssentialPIM 7.54

  • Undo feature now works for a tasks pane in calendar view
  • Improved synchronization or notes with Google Drive
  • More secure option to hide private items [19659004] Some optimizations for CalDAV type or synchronization
  • Auto lock feature will also work if minimizing
  • Better integration or recurring events in advanced search results
  • Some improvements to synchronization
  • Even easier sing in for Google Apps mail accounts
  • Copy-paste or tasks into calendar now works as expected
  • Calendar (iCal) subscription feature stability imp rovements
  • Support of password length up to 255 characters in mail
  • Filtering mail messages by their statuses works as expected
  • Spell check will not be active in Sticky notes anymore if disabled in options
  • Other minor performance and bug fixes


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