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The people behind the P2P program eMule Plus recently released version 1h released† This software allows you to share files with other users. The following changes and new features have been implemented in this release:

Feature: anti-scanning measures [Eklmn]
Feature: completed implementation of categories [DonGato]
Feature: added Secure User Identity support (from official eMule 0.30a) [EC]
Feature: added new Hybrid protocol for client-client shared files list request (from official), use virtual directories to hide real hard disk paths [zegzav]
Feature: added Categories [FoRcHa]
Feature: added Portuguese (Portugal) Language [koizo]
Feature: remote queue progress is now shown and color coded [cendre-eau]
Feature: added Merkurs mobileMule Java client version 0.4b (0.30a) [Purity]
Feature: comment list contains also comments from lost sources [zegzav]
Feature: new statistics (khaos based) [Eklmn]
Feature: show filetype icons on searchlist [katsyonak]
Feature: added eMail Notifier messages for several warning and information events [Purity]
Feature: added columns Soft/Hard Files Limit and Version in server window (from official) [zegzav]
Feature: FileType Icons in Shared Files (from official) and also in Downloads [moosetea]
Feature: now you can clear completed files or unpause paused files by clicking over status icon [DonGato]
Feature: added status icons to the GUI showing files that are completed or paused [DonGato/Psy]
Feature: added automated Backup and preferences to customize it [n@boleo]
Feature: added eMail Notifier with authentication support and using own threads [DonGato]
Feature: WebServer: additional settings to server preferences [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added jigle search [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added category change for download files [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added priority change for categories [DonGato]
Feature: WebServer: added SUI icons in upload list and queue + counter [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added expandable khaos stats [Psy|Ju1i3n|Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added category support [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added specific priority change for Downloads, Servers and Shared Files [DonGato]
Feature: WebServer: added Quick-Stats line to the WebServer [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added Logout, Close eMule and Shutdown PC options menu [Purity]
Feature: WebServer: added add and remove friend options in uploadlist and queues [Purity]
Change: double click behavior option removed (it has no practical use and produce some usability flaws) [DonGato]
Change: servers used for Internet Connection Checking can now be customized in the preferences.ini [DonGato]
Change: fixed loading of multiple files from Web page by using official code [DonGato]
Change: when you rename a downloading file the associated entry at Shared Files is updated [DonGato]
Change: removed server showing on systray tooltips as it has flaws we can’t solve [DonGato]
Change: added customization (by INI only) of sites used for checking Internet connection [DonGato]
Change: updated Incoming directory handling to take account of categories [DonGato]
Change: added mobileMule guide link to webservices [Purity]
Change: added Config directory structure from official [DonGato]
Change: Client Credits expire after 5 months of inactivity [EC]
Change: Credits.dat is the same as official eMule (0.30a) [EC]
Change: updated complete sources (0.07a: display range of values) + compatibility with official [zegzav]
Change: added option to show transferred data on Completed column [DonGato]
Change: updated CemuleDlg::AddServerMessageLine() to official 0.30a (better string handling) [bond006]
Change: now you can set multiple files to drop supercompressed blocks [DonGato]
Change: updated ToClipboard JS function to support Mozilla/Netscape browsers [DonGato]
Change: standardization of forms visual rendering (no more weird button positions in Opera/Mozilla) [DonGato]
Change: added STOPPED visual status and corrected other things related [DonGato]
Change: send to the server a number of shared files below the soft limit (from official) [zegzav]
Change: auto-update Name and Description columns in Server window (from official) [zegzav]
Change: removed Safe Connect as it is not needed anymore [DonGato/Eklmn]
Change: notification handling now also controls eMail Notifier messages [Purity]
Change: added a separated file for Debug log messages (debug.log) [DonGato]
Change: multiselection for JumpStart files [DonGato]
Change: now showing “never” instead of “unknown” for Last Reception [Andrerib]
Change: updated BtnST.cpp to official 0.29c for improved debugging [bond006]
Change: changed INI interface to improve the speed of config-file access [bond006]
Change: WebServer: update header with connection state just after a command is issued [DonGato]
Change: WebServer: general server page cleanup [Psy|Purity]
Change: WebServer: fixed webbased search and extended normal and webbased search [Purity]
Change: WebServer: quicksort users on waitingqueue and other speed optimization [SyruS]
Change: WebServer: general search page clean-up and ed2k download link pop-up for single files [Purity|Psy]
Change: WebServer: added choosable columns and sorting in search page [Purity]
Change: WebServer: added icons for download state and number of sources in searchresult [Purity]
Change: WebServer: added sort possibilities in upload list and upload queue [Purity]
Change: WebServer: Jumpstart is only selectable for completed files [Purity]
Change: WebServer: auto-size WebServer menus in all lists [Purity]
Change: WebServer: enable limitless download on setting to 0, disable on setting a specific value [SyruS]
Bugfix: the connection settings for the scheduler were never retrieved from the preferences.ini file [DonGato]
Bugfix: as we have many options in preferences in some languages ​​the last ones weren’t accesible, it was fixed [DonGato]
Bugfix: fixed save/load of statistics values ​​of overhead to ini [BavarianSnail]
Bugfix: toolbar skin change now works without a restart or moving over all buttons [DonGato]
Bugfix: updated mass add ed2k links from clipboard to take care of links ending only with “|” [DonGato]
Bugfix: fixed tooltip not being changed when mouse wheel is used [DonGato]
Bugfix: adding “%d” characters for servername causes weird log outputs [bond006]
Bug fix: fixed security issue in message processing or chat [bond006]
Bugfix: fixed security issue (servername format string vulnerabilities) [bond006]
Bugfix: fixed security issue (OP_SERVERMESSAGE format string vulnerability) [bond006]
Bugfix: fixed the enable/disable ban function [DbT]
Bug fix: fixed ban of leecher MODs [Eklmn]
Bugfix: banned clients don’t get an uploadslot and are kicked back on waiting queue [SyruS]
Bugfix: double clicking a completed/paused file doesn’t clear/unpause it anymore [DonGato]
Bugfix: disabling advanced sorting in Preferences now doesn’t resort lists [DonGato]
Bugfix: Change destination directory now shows root directories [DonGato]
Bugfix: fixed Community Sharing for not giving QR increase to non community users [DonGato]
Bugfix: open systray dialog sticks when you right-click another area on desktop [bond006]
Bugfix: ‘Restart waiting downloads’ option wasn’t used [DonGato]
Bugfix: saved sources were loaded on start if there was no server connection [DonGato]
Bugfix: set a default value for UseRemoteQueueLimit [bond006]
Bug fix: crash on minimize [Eklmn]
Bugfix: WebServer: fixed disconnection while trying to connect [DonGato]
Bugfix: WebServer: solved client-type and file/server state background picture problem [Purity][break]eMule Plus 1h is available for download in the following flavours:

Version number 1h
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website eMule Plus
file size


License type GPL
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