Software Update: EditPad Pro 7.3.0

JGsoft has not only updated its free text editor EditPad Lite, a new version of EditPad Pro has also been released. While EditPad Lite is intended as a replacement for Notepad, EditPad Pro is more intended for programmers. For example, there is a spell checker that takes syntax coloring into account, and a hex editor, a file-compare option, a bookmark option and an embedded ftp client. A complete overview of the extra options compared to the Lite version can be found on this page are being found. In version 7.3.0 the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • Fallback fonts for complex script text layouts are now used in a more granular fashion, allowing smaller bits of text to be displayed with different fonts, ultimately allowing more characters to be displayed with the correct fallback font. This improves the rendering of text mixed with special symbols such as mathematical equations.
  • File Types: JavaScript file navigation now handles lists of variables declared with a single “var” keyword.
  • File Types: XML syntax coloring and file navigation schemes now handle XML tags with non-ASCII characters.
  • Forum: HTTP proxy server support extended with more authentication methods.
  • Forum: SOCKS proxy server support.
  • Hexadecimal: Dramatically improved EditPad’s performance when pasting extremely large blocks of bytes in hexadecimal mode.
  • Macros: Clicking on a tab now records only a single Previous File or Next File command to cross the distance between the active tab and the tab that was clicked on, instead of using as many of these commands as there are tabs between the active tab and the clicked tab, so that after macro playback the most recent tab order used by Ctrl+Tab does not include the tabs in between.
  • Project|Favorites now has an icon so you can put it on the toolbar without a label.
  • Tools: Use proxy server settings for tools that load an URL into the message panel or into a new tab.
  • Working copies: Do not automatically load working copies of unsaved files when there is already a running EditPad instance that cannot be reused because it is running with different permissions (admin vs non-admin).

Bug fixes:

  • Copy: Copying text in EditPad Pro with syntax coloring from a file using a non-Unicode code page other than 1252 in EditPad Pro when the option to copy rich text is turned on in Options|Preferences|Editor caused MS Word to paste gibberish because MS Word ignores the ansicpg RTF tag that specifies the code page.
  • File Types|Navigation: Keyword help using an .exe file with command line parameters now works correctly.
  • File|Open did not correctly open the files if you selected multiple files and some or all of those files were already part of the same managed project.
  • File|Save As: Undo history is not correctly enabled or disabled when a file that was read-only on disk is saved under a new name (resulting in a file that is not read-only on disk).
  • Forum continued to use the old proxy settings until you closed the forum window if you changed the proxy settings after having successfully connected to the forum.
  • Hexadecimal: The last byte on a row cannot be selected by moving the mouse to the end of the row.
  • Macros: Export All Macros did not correctly export macros that contain characters that cannot be represented in the system code page; Export Macro did not have this problem.
  • Macros: Two-key keyboard shortcuts using a primary key that was not used in a two-key shortcut for any menu item had the primary key changed or removed when editing the shortcut of any menu item in Options|Preferences|Keyboard.
  • Pasting a small amount of text at the very start of a file fails if the text was copied from another file with a different line break style.
  • Preferences|Keyboard: Two-key shortcuts for macros are not updated correctly.
  • Print: Adding a new color palette via the print preview failed with a “list index out of bounds” error.
  • Project|Add to Project submenu is not preserved correctly when you close the project.
  • Search: Line by line search failed or hung when searching through all files and a file that wasn’t the active file hadn’t been fully scanned for line breaks yet.
  • Search: List All Matches failed or hung when searching through all files and a file that wasn’t the active file hadn’t been fully scanned for line breaks yet.
  • Search: Regular expressions starting with Z or starting with a lookbehind followed by Z that could not find a match before the final line break in the file (because of the lookbehind or whatever follows Z) caused EditPad Pro to hang if the file ended with a line break.
  • Search|Favorites: Favorite search terms that have labels were sorted on their search terms rather than their labels.
  • Tabs: Opening a project fails with “list index out of bounds” or “access violation” when EditPad is configured to never show the file tabs.
  • Toolbars: Toolbar visibility was not preserved when restarting EditPad if you did not customize the toolbars at all other than changing which toolbars are visible.
  • View|Custom Layouts: Loading a previously saved layout broke the Options|Word Wrap and Options|Text Layouts submenus.
  • View|Custom Layouts: Saving a layout caused the bottom half of the Options|Word Wrap submenu to be doubled up.
  • View|Custom Layouts|Delete removed the selected layout(s) from the menu but deleted the .ini files for the most recently added layout.
  • Windows 8: Selected node in the Files panel becomes invisible when the tree loses keyboard focus and EditPad is configured to use a black background for the side panels.
  • Windows XP: Enabling the tray icon and the option to hide the taskbar button, opening and closing the text layout configuration dialog, and then minimizing EditPad did not hide the taskbar button; restoring EditPad via the taskbar button made EditPad’s window edge and caption unresponsive.
  • Windows XP: Enabling the tray icon and the option to hide the taskbar button, opening the forum, minimizing EditPad, and then restoring EditPad via the taskbar button made EditPad’s window edge and caption unresponsive; hiding EditPad’s taskbar button is not possible while the forum window is still open.

Version number 7.3.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website JGsoft
File size


License type Freeware