Software Update: EditPad Lite 8.0.4

JGsoft has released version 8.0.4 of its free text editor EditPad Lite. This program is not intended for programmers, who should use EditPad Pro, RJ TextEd or Notepad++. This is more of a replacement for the Notepad that comes with Windows. Unlike Notepad, EditPad Lite can open an unlimited number of files in the same screen, has no limit on the size of files to open, and the number of undos and redos is unlimited. EditPad Lite is free for private use, but businesses can purchase a license if there is no need for all extras that the Pro version offers. Since version 8.0.2, the following changes and improvements have been made:

EditPad Lite 8.0.4


  • File Types: Regex to detect magic value is now applied to files matched by the “without extension” file type.

Bug fixes:

  • 64-bit version crashed with an “external exception” when trying to edit a file on a computer with a CPU that does not support SSSE3 or SSE4.1.
  • Adding a favorite could trigger an access violation (8.0.3 only).
  • Borders around edit boxes on toolbars were not always displayed correctly.

EditPad Lite 8.0.3


  • Clip Collection: The Edit Clip dialog now uses the same text layout as the active file so that a clip’s contents appear in exactly the same way in the Edit Clip dialog as they would in the main editor if you inserted the clip into the active file.
  • Command Line: file:/// URLs are now truncated at the rightmost ? and # to strip off queries and fragments from the file path.
  • Options|Word Wrap: The message prompting that elastic tab stops will be disabled while word wrap is enabled now has a “don’t show again” checkbox.
  • Search: Line By Line mode now places the cursor at the start of the line when a matched line is selected so that the matched line is highlighted as the active line (instead of placing it at the end of the selection which is at the start of the next line as the line break is also selected).
  • Triple-clicking a line to select the entire line now places the cursor at the start of the selected line instead of at the start of the next line (where the selection ends as the line break is also selected) for consistency with selecting a line by double-clicking the line number.

Bug fixes:

  • Command Line: Files passed on the command line using file:/// URLs were not opened as the URL was not correctly converted to a file path (8.0.1 and 8.0.2 only).
  • File Types|Colors and Syntax: Selecting a scheme from the “syntax coloring” drop-down list could assign a different scheme to the file type if EditPad’s installation folder or the %APPDATA%JGsoftEditPad Pro 8 folder contained an invalid or incomplete .jgcscs file.
  • Search|Replace All: Replacing all matches of a regular expression with a replacement containing backreferences could cause EditPad to run out of memory when making tens of thousands or more replacements in a single file.
  • Search|Whole Words Only: Word character choices from the active text layout configuration are now used when determining whether Whole Words Only should be disabled (which it is when the search term is a literal that does not begin and end with a word character).
  • Searching for a search term that includes a literal line break failed when searching through all open files and some files had not yet been the active file after opening them.
  • Status bar used the font configured for the tabs instead of the (non-configurable) font for toolbars and menus; this could cause status bar labels to be clipped as the status bar did not adjust its size to the font for tabs.

Version number 8.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website JGsoft
License type Freeware