Software Update: Easy CD Creator 5.1 Platinum

Vinz informed us that an update is available for download for Easy CD Creator 5.1 Platinum. This is for the English versions, the other language versions will follow later. In addition to a number of new burners that are supported with this update, this update contains a number of fixes:

[Easy CD Creator fixes]

  • Added new drive support.
  • Added DVD pre-mastering support for DVD-R and DVD-RW.
  • Fixed, when you launched an html page – and then moved your mouse over project selector – suddenly project selector was active again.
  • Roxio Umbrella no longer is highlighted and blinks when launched from shortcut.
  • Project Selector is now the active application when launched from desktop, if in tray already.
  • Fixed bug whereby project selector not always brought to top after launching an app from it and then closing the application.
  • Fixed Truncated umbrella problem for most cases except for first time launch after install – (made sizing of window happen at startup for display not earlier – may still cause problems the first time around).
  • GPF if you do “Remove From CD Project” command from Find dialog box.
  • Preview/Add buttons enabled while you do CD copy from creator.
  • GPF when scan of music CD canceled during CD copy from within Creator.
  • Can access all menus while finalizing a CD.
  • GPF moving some MP3 files in play list editor.
  • “Transition markers” now appear when adding or removing gaps.
  • Gap Transitions now appear on CD info bar Module.
  • User can close Creator during convert audio track to file.
  • Creator layout window can now be minimized.
  • Allowed users to rename/delete/overwrite imported files.
  • Fixed GPF when deleting font name from the Font Name list box in the Text Properties dialog.
  • Added the support of multiple paper stocks that share the same Template Family in one page file.
  • Fixed problem with displaying the paper type in the Print dialog.
  • Fixed contents text boxes overlapped.
  • Fixed no prompt to save the layout in Data mode.
  • Make Generic theme works with either Data or Audio mode without loosing any information in between.
  • Depending on the drivers of the CDR-W drive, CDLC no longer recognizes an Audio CD as a Data CD.
  • Offsets in printing on the CD Stomper paper stocks.
  • Prevented caching all data file and adjusted the speed test ranges to match those used by the automatic system test.
  • Yahama 2100e can now recognize the blank media.
  • Correct message box now appears if not enough space in CD in Multi-session data CD.
  • Locked Source File is now detected.
  • Fixed Creator crashes when adding 99 tracks to CD Project and then change to Enhanced CD.
  • Correct message now appears when project size is too large to fit on a CD in “DAO”.
  • Burning now stops if insert wrong source CD when copy from multiple CDs.
  • Changing file system does not remove files (CD not in source drive) in layout.
  • Creator no longer hangs when changing the default recorder from image file.
  • ECDC CD Copier CreatorAPI message does not occur after you copy a CD.
  • ECDC CD Copier CreatorAPI message no longer happens when you stop audio recording.
  • Autorun works if rename playlist in ISO.
  • Auto insert notification is no longer disabled after burning a TAO CD.
  • Virtual Memory message no longer pops up during file system generation process.
  • dr. Watson Error has been eliminated while editing 4 bit files in Music CD Project.
  • Virtual Memory message no longer pops up during file system generation process.
  • Creator now allows folders with same name placed in the same level.
  • Mode 1 disk no longer reported as XA.
  • USB 2 support.
  • 24x Burn support.
  • Windows XP support.
  • New Themes.
  • CD Project Properties – Added “validate source files before recording”.

[Sound Stream fixes]

  • Can now select the hard drives as source in Spin Doctor.
  • Added Drag and Drop from explorer window.
  • Added AVI as source.
  • Check box to “show contents of subfolders”.
  • New and Faster Normalizer.

[DirectCD fixes]

  • Added new drive support.

[Take Two fixes]

  • None the update uninstalls Take Two.

Version number 5.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Roxio