Software Update: Easy CD Creator 4.02E

FileForum reports that a new version of Easy CD Creator has been put online, namely 4.02E. DirectCD has also been promoted from D to E.

You can get the DirectCD update here and the Easy CD Creator update here. Below is a list of fixes for both programs:

Easy CD Creator

  • CD Copier speed issue for creating multiple copies: On some recorders, when making multiple copies using CD Copier, the recorder would reset to its default recording speed after the first copy was completed.
  • Time stamp information for recorded files is now consistent between OSs: Files recorder under Windows 95/98, and ME would show a different timestamp when read in Windows 2000.
  • Improved Session-at-Once recording for certain recorders.
  • Improved audio extraction system test for some DVD-ROM drives


  • Improved HP Fast Format completion time under Win9x.
  • Fixed application error message if no recorders installed under Windows 2000 (user would see an application error if DirectCD launched with no recorder available).
  • Fixed system standby problem under Windows 2000 (system would not go into standby mode if a DirectCD disc was mounted).

Version number 4.02E
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website FileForum