Software Update: DVD Region+CSS Free & DVDIdle 5.85

Fengtao Software has released DVD Region+CSS Free Lite, DVD Region+CSS Free, DVDIdle and DVDIdle Pro programs with an update and given them version number 5.85. Depending on which program is used, you can watch and copy DVDs region-free, even if they are copy-protected. In addition, the programs also aim to extend the life of the DVD drive by caching files, thus sparing the drive. The mutual differences in options and price can be this page to be compared. The changelog is the same for all four versions and looks like this:


  • Correct IFO files when copying Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.


  • Some standalone players display wrong time, or show black screen on start of movie, when playing backup disc of Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.
  • Some DVD copy software like CloneDVD2 cannot copy Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.
  • Software DVD player like PowerDVD and WinDVD crashes when swapping disc. (DVDIdle)

[break]The following downloads are available:
DVD Region+CSS Free Lite 5.85
DVD Region+CSS Free 5.85
DVDIdle 5.85
DVDIdle Pro 5.85[break]

Version number 5.85
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Fengtao Software Inc.
License type Shareware