Software update: DVD Profiler 3.7.0 build 1426

Invelos Software released a new version of DVD Profiler earlier this month. DVD Profiler is a DVD cataloging program that distinguishes itself from similar programs in that it does not use online movie databases such as Imdb, but a database that is maintained by the users of the program themselves. The unregistered version has only a few limitations, until more than fifty titles are added to the database. After that, however, the functionality becomes a bit pinched off. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:


  • Support for synchronizing with the iPhone/iPad version, and various enhancements related to this, such as new/higher res collection type images, support for images in the users database, etc.
  • Implemented support for running command files when a remote database is open
  • Added smaller Feature icons: right-click them to select this option
  • Holding CTRL as the program closes now skips shutdown tasks including sync, backup and running the shutdown.txt command file
  • Profile files created from File->Create Profile File can now be used to add a profile to your collection
  • Reviews, links, and trailers toolbar added to movie pick
  • Added option to test Internet shared server access from connections window
  • Improved performance of the details list display
  • Added check for proper shutdown, option to repair on startup if the last shutdown was incomplete
  • Adding items to an owned sub-collection will now auto-move them from ordered or wish list
  • Added file name display to the translation selection in Tools->Options->System.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Orphaned collection entries cause incorrect (usually very large) ‘Owned’ total
  • Fixed: Contribute prompt after changes made was not showing in all cases
  • Fixed: Shortcut keys not functioning in the Add DVD window
  • Fixed: Picture-in-Picture, BD-Live, and Digital Copy do not download from DPO correctly
  • Fixed: Possible Access Violation downloading from DPO
  • Fixed: Sorting by Media Type, Ascending shows “Media Type Descending”
  • Fixed: Personalize, set currency type to non-default, leave value blank = huge entry
  • Fixed: 3.1 audio tracks not displaying properly in audio track list: displays as 1.1 with no graphic
  • Fixed: Load filter set button on Report Edit selected when Esc pressed
  • Fixed: Production year displayed incorrectly for box set children in the details collection view
  • Fixed: Featurettes icon is always on
  • Fixed: Longer collection type names won’t fit in the credit info window
  • Fixed: Saving of a filter set including the Children’s genre results in an error when loaded
  • Fixed: Custom collection categories print as “Unknown” on reports
  • Fixed: Ratings filter doesn’t work after online profile list is refreshed
  • Fixed: The description of the context menu entry “Edit Role” in crew section is wrong, when there is a divider used.
  • Fixed: Locality filter doesn’t work when a tag filter is active
  • Fixed: Crew entries in a section that follows a section with a group incorrectly show as part of that group in the credit info window
  • Fixed: Box set contents printing out of order when report run on flagged entries
  • Fixed: Checkbox to restore the full users database also restores tags (tags checkbox ignored)
  • Fixed: Editing problems when dragging/dropping/editing cast and crew
  • Fixed: Media type sort does not group custom media types
  • Fixed: Rating will not display on the custom collection list display
  • Fixed: Setting review with mouse from DVD->Edit, Personal Information not functional while cursor in the notes field

DVD Profiler screenshot, click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 3.7.0 build 1426
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Invelos
File size


License type Shareware