Software Update: DVD Profiler 3.6.0 Beta Build 1362

Invelos Software released a new beta release of DVD Profiler early this month. DVD Profiler is a DVD cataloging program that differs from similar programs in that it does not use online movie databases such as Imdb, but a database maintained by the users of this program themselves. The unregistered version has only a few limitations, until more than fifty titles are added to the database. After that, however, the functionality becomes a bit pinched off. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:

Changes in this build:

  • Fixed: Welcome screen collection totals incorrect
  • Fixed: Reassign Collection Numbers control misplaced
  • Fixed: After addition of an unknown title, others not downloading
  • Fixed: Genres/media types double when restored from backup
  • Fixed: Report conditional for Bonus Trailers incorrectly named Bonus Features
  • Fixed: Personalize not functioning on remote databases
  • Fixed: Clear all filters requeries twice when CTRL held
  • Fixed: Profile edit locks not cleared when a client is disconnected
  • Fixed: Testing a remote db and getting ‘remote server unavailable’ gives retry/cancel dialog
  • Fixed: Include in Owned setting does not immediately enable tracking for collection numbers and purchase data
  • Fixed: When save audio track w/o channels, then edit profile, selects a default channel set
  • Fixed: Filter for lossless not including PCM tracks
  • Fixed: Export of Owned collection does not include sub-collections
  • Fixed: Several reported causes of access violations and other errors.
  • Fixed: Unable to add box set children from sub-categories
  • Fixed: In Add dialog, when adding an entry which moves from wish list or ordered, personalize is not shown
  • Fixed error changing personal info from DVD->Edit
  • Cast/Crew backup and restore now does not perform extended matching (was causing headshot collisions on restore)
  • The keyboard up/down arrow may now also be used to scroll an expanded credit listing (in addition to mousewheel)
  • Add Multiple by UPC now does matching on primary locality first, then other localities
  • Browser popups from HTML panels now display in the user’s default browser
  • New collection categories now default to tracking collection numbers and purchase information
  • Thumbnail view hint window may be disabled via Tools->Options->Display
  • Added filter for exclusions, under personal tab
  • Collection-Flagged->Move To is now enabled for remote database connections
  • Changed default backup file location to the My Documents folder
  • Added ‘Similar to’ setting for rating filter, matches rating age as ‘Exactly’ used to. ‘Exactly’ now is an exact match
  • Enhancements for the report editor:
    • Added Shift (locked aspect) and Alt (size from center) to item resizing
    • Added an unlock all button to toolbar
    • New control type: Panel. Panels can hold other report elements, for ease of report layout and cascading conditionals
    • Item selection improved
    • click near the object edge to select regardless of Z-order
    • Selected item now paints in the proper Z-order, also added Move Forward and Move Backward buttons
    • Added Background Color to the review element
    • Enhanced color picker to allow persistent named custom colors
  • API: Fixed: GetDescriptionByConstant currency constant results incorrect
  • API: GetConstantByDescription and GetDescriptionByConstant now support custom genres
  • API: GetFormattedGenres now supports custom genres
  • API: Added GetCustomCollectionCategoryInfo: returns name and settings for selected custom collection type
  • API: Corrected AUDIOFORMAT_DolbyDigital constant
  • API: Fixed collection type constants (all were off by 1)

DVD Profiler screenshot, click on the image for a larger version.

Version number3.6.0 beta build 1362
Release statusbeta
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
File size 9.82MB
License typePaid