Software Update: DVD Genie 3.81

Fuyungcow reports that a new version of DVD Genie has been released. This is version 3.81. You can program here take down. These are the innovations:

— What’s new in v3.81:

  • Added support for WinDVD v2.3
  • Modified the WinDVD region reset button to work with future versions.
  • To combat the new region code protection on such disc as “The Patriot” and “The Perfect Storm”, DVD Genie will default to Region-1 when auto-region is enabled. The new protection works by making the disc appear to be Region 0 (or rather supporting all regions) and when a player complies with that, the disc will refuse to play. If such a disc is auto-set with DVD Genie, the region will default to Region #1 as currently it’s the only region that supports this new protection scheme. If at some point this silly protection becomes pro-active in other regions, I will add a feature to manually select a region when such a disc is encountered.
  • I have added code to detect Region #7 and Region #8 DVDs, so far they can only be detected, no region can be set. I’m not even entirely sure the detection code works as I have no access to these regions (Region #8 is airlines!).
  • Rearranged the Tab order to make a bit more sense.

Version number 3.81
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website InMatrix