Software Update: Drupal 9.3.2

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Version 9.3.2 of Drupal was released a few hours after 9.3.1 was released. Drupal is a PHP-written, user-friendly and powerful content management platform, with which, for example, websites can be created. It’s simple enough for a novice user, but powerful enough to build a more complex website as well. Drupal includes a content management platform and a development framework. Version 9.3 includes the Olivero theme no longer referred to as beta, version 5 of the CKEditor is included under experimental flag, and a new content editor role has been added to the default profile.

release notes

This is a patch (bugfix) release of Drupal 9 and is ready for use on production sites. Learn more about Drupal 9† Note: Due to a bug during release creation, 9.3.1 is not installable. use Drupal 9.3.2 instead. Drupal 9.3.x will receive security coverage until December 2022.

Changes since 9.3.0

  • Issue #3247619 “Place a colon after the label” not working on grouping field label on views
  • Issue #2879293 Make Link URI required if there is Link Text input
  • Issue #3014629 Document that Configuration migrations can depend on Content migrations
  • Issue #3207907 Ensure functional tests use the test mail collector
  • Issue #3190261 MediaLibraryWidget can trigger an AJAX error if all media types can be referenced
  • Issue #3256591 Fix Element/Table documentation
  • Issue #2916142 Decimal and Float item generates wrong sample values
  • Issue #3213928 LoggerChannelInterface documentation
  • Issue #3256581 PHPdoc in
  • Issue #2853183 Correct references from Symphony Framework
  • Issue #3175287 Remove accidentally duplicated words in code comments
  • Issue #3174570 Fix documentation comment in MainContentViewSubscriber
  • Issue #3249859 The documentation page for NestedArray::unsetValue() shows example code that uses NestedArray::unset_nested_value()
  • Issue #3251835 Fix incorrect @return docs and description for Row::getSource()
  • Issue #3131348 Replace assertions involving calls to empty() with assertEmpty()/assetNotEmpty()/assetArrayNotHasKey()
  • Issue #3255504 Remove jQuery dependency from date.js
  • Issue #3136388 Fix phpdocs in core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Install/Tasks.php
  • Issue #2675006 Write UnitTest for MigrationConfigurationTrait and fix Exception Handling
  • Issue #3212470 Placeholder CSS selector in off-canvas.reset.css is wrong
  • Issue #2675006 Write UnitTest for MigrationConfigurationTrait and fix Exception Handling
  • Issue #3092430 Ensure SearchPlugin has a configuration array
  • Issue #3205909 Ensure only needed permissions are used for Update module functional tests
  • Issue #2793169 hook_views_post_render provides inaccurate information
  • Issue #3247039 MigrateDestinationInterface::import() should document that it can throw a MigrateException
  • Issue #3255836 Test fails due to Composer 2.2
  • Alignment of primary menu hover states and dropdowns is incorrect at wide widthsname in Drupal ield_uiement\FieldUiTable::reduceOrder() (line 228 of /var/www/html/docroot/core/modules/field_ui/src/Element/FieldUiTable.php)
  • Issue #3245383 If the database driver is provided by a module, it’s name must be included in tests which check for enabled modules
  • Issue #3251125 Do not uninstall the database driver module within installer tests
  • Issue #3248309 AssertBreadcrumbTrait should not rely on Classy
  • Issue #3080819 Missing documentation for “core_version_requirements” key in InfoParserInterface file
  • Issue #3254403 system_post_update_sort_all_config can exhaust PHP memory in 9.3.0
  • Issue #3253889 `?check_logged_in=1` causes `TrustedRedirectResponse` to fail
  • Issue #3246156 Add Brian Gilbert (realityloop) as a full mentoring coordinator
  • Issue #3246158 Add AmyJune Hineline (volkswagenchick) as a full mentoring coordinator
  • Issue #3246157 Add Chris Darke (ChrisDarke) as a full mentoring coordinator
  • Cannot use object of type Drupal\Core\Render\Markup as array in Drupal\Core\Render\Renderer->doRender() (line 218. When checkbox ‘Use field template’ is checked
  • Issue #3239287 Fix \Drupal\Coretension\ModuleDependencyMessageTrait to not cause deprecations in PHP 8.1
  • Issue #3253683 Improve compatibility with composer 2.2
  • Issue #3250648 Avoid comparing fields with different collations in SelectSubqueryTest
  • Issue #3252067 Remove duplicate loading of update reports after refreshUpdateStatus
  • Issue #3253824 Minor typo in d7_field_formatter_settings.yml comment

Version number 9.3.2
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Drupal
file size


License type GPL
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