Software update: Drupal 8.6.0

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Version 8.6 of Drupal has been released. Drupal is a php-written, user-friendly and powerful content management platform with which, for example, websites can be created. It is simple enough for a novice user, but powerful enough to build a more complex website. The program includes a content management platform and a development framework. Version 8.6 includes oEmbed, a new way to add media, and a demo that shows what Drupal is capable of. The complete release notes are as follows:

oEmbed for media and a new experimental media library
New in this version is built-in stable oEmbed support for media. A new Remote video media type is shipped preconfigured to support embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos.
In a new experimental module, you can now browse existing media and add new media using an integrated widget. Adding multiple media at once is also supported. The media library is based on Views and may be customized.
Umami food magazine demo included
Drupal 8.6.0 offers a new demo profile and theme in the installer. A beautiful, modern demonstration of Drupal’s capabilities using an imaginary cooking site named Umami. Drupal’s data modeling, listing, page composition and content moderation capabilities are showcased. Sample author and magazine editor users are created using Drupal’s content management interface. People are invited to learn and share Drupal concepts and practices.
The demo profile and theme should not be used on (or as a basis of) actual production or development sites since no backwards compatibility or upgrade paths are provided . Future versions of Umami will demonstrate multilingual capabilities, and as they become stable: media handling, layouts and so on.
New experimental workspaces module
The existing content moderation functionality is great. an editing and approval workflow. For example, use states like Draft, Archived, and Published, […]
When “packages” or content (maybe a few, a few hundred or even a few thousand items) need to be reviewed and deployed at once, you’ll find the new experimental Workspaces module invaluable. Define multiple workspaces, make changes and deploy between them with intuitive user interface.
Much improved experimental layout capabilities
The experimental Layout Builder module now supports per-display customizations (eg full mode vs. search result), so instead or defining the order of fields stacked on top of each other there, you can define layouts with dynamic sections. It is also possible to create one-off blocks for a specific layout, which will not show up in the global block list. This is useful for all things.
Stable upgrades for monolingual sites, multilingual improved
Migration support has been steadily improving. This release sees both Migrate Drupal (migrations from previous major Drupal versions) as well as Migrate Drupal UI (upgrade user interface) modules go stable. This means that, if you have a monolingual Drupal 6 or 7 site, you can now use a built-in user interface to migrate your site to Drupal 8.
Multilingual migrations are still experimental and now wrapped in the Migrate Drupal Multilingual module. Significant improvements in this area include support for Drupal 7 Entity Translation migrations for nodes with Title module support. Further testing and implementation of the missing pieces is still required for this module to become stable.
We also saw lots of improvements in migrations for contributed modules in the past six months. Many of the most popular modules, Paragraphs, Field Collections, Multifield, Media, Workflow, and more all have some level of support.
Two new easy ways to install Drupal
Drupal depends on various external tools. To make it a lot easier to start a quick evaluator or development environment, quick - start command is now included that only needs PHP on the system. Using the built-in web server in PHP and the SQLite database, it sets up Drupal quickly and opens a browser ready to use.
The installer now also recognizes existing configuration and configuration. This allows to rebuild a site (without its content) locally for development. (Drush also supports this feature with a new - existing - config option for drush site : install .) [19659005] MySQL 8 now supported
MySQL 8 includes several performance improvements and language / collation support changes. Drupal 8.6.0 supports MySQL 8 . There are no plans to change database requirements at this time
Testing and REST improvements
The process of porting all tests from our own Simpletest implementation to PHPUnit is almost done. We have a total of 3,215 tests based on PHPUnit while 68 remain based on Simpletest in this release. The JavaScript testing system is also improved for nightwatch.js, which supports writing automated tests in JavaScript itself. It is also possible to upload files in REST requests among many other important bug fixes and improvements.

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