Download Dopamine 2.0.3

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Version 2.0.3 of Dopamine has been released. Dopamine is an open source audio player that aims to make audio playback as simple and beautiful as possible. It is developed for Windows 7 and higher, has a portable mode, a customizable appearance, provides system notifications and can also be operated from the taskbar or system tray. In version 2.0.3 the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • The “Songs” screen now remembers your sorting preferences!


  • Fixed a crash that occurs when using WinDock
  • The order of artists is not respected on now playing screens (Remove and re-add collection folders to apply this fix)


  • Updated the Bulgarian translation
  • Updated the Chinese translation
  • Updated the Indonesian translation
  • Updated the Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Updated the Russian translation
  • Updated the Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • Updated the Serbian (Latin)
  • Updated the Spanish translation
  • Updated the Swedish translation
  • Updated the Ukrainian translation

Version number 2.0.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Digimezzo
File size 33.47MB
License type GPL
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