Software update: DisplayFusion 5.1.1

Binary Fortress Software has released version 5.1.1 of DisplayFusion. With this program it is possible to manage a multimonitor setup. For example, a separate background or screensaver can be set per screen and programs can be opened on a screen to be determined by the user. A license costs about 13 euros, or 18 euros for all computers in a household. There is also a free version, but of course it has less opportunities. More information about DisplayFusion is on this page. The changelog of this release shows the following changes and improvements:


  • Added an option on the Taskbar tab to disable Aero transparency on all taskbars
  • Added a warning to the wallpaper window for people using an interval less than 1 minute
  • New Advanced Setting: “Don’t Show HotKey Bind Errors”
  • New Advanced Setting: “Use Classic Functions for Monitor Configuration”
  • New Advanced Setting: “Don’t Show Desktop Window in DisplayFusion’s Alt+Tab”
  • New Advanced Setting: “Use /N instead of /E when opening Windows Explorer folders”


  • Wallpaper changes longer cause the desktop to flicker in Windows 8.1
  • Wallpaper changes no longer cause window focus issues (on some computers)
  • Windows 8.1 improvements for the “Boot to Desktop” feature
  • Improved support for RDP connections
  • Framing Metro applications now works in Windows 8.1
  • Auto-update improvements
  • Wallpaper change no longer runs up the CPU when also setting the Logon image
  • Auto-Split monitors are now detected correctly by the hooks
  • Wallpaper images can now be pasted into the Wallpaper window
  • Windows 8.1 DPI scaling compatibility improvements
  • Windows 8.1 Aero Peek now works correctly on all machines
  • Hooks sometimes failed to load for no apparent reason
  • “Move to Next Monitor and Minimize” function now works correctly on maximized windows
  • Desktop Icons can now be set correctly when changing monitor profiles
  • Window Snapping fixes
  • Wallpaper info text now appears on spanned solid-colour wallpaper images
  • Split Monitor improvements
  • Improved performance with certain applications
  • Wallpaper window no longer puts a lock on files
  • Improved compatibility with Windows XP x64
  • All Settings window strings are now translated correctly when changing languages
  • Tabs are now supported in Wallpaper Image Info text
  • Screen Saver no longer crashes when ZoneAlarm is set to High security
  • Improved CPU usage when changing the wallpaper
  • Much improved inactive window mouse-wheel scrolling compatibility
  • Language auto-detection now works on a fresh install
  • DisplayFusion Photos screen saver now hides the mouse cursor
  • DisplayFusion Photos screen saver now allows the computer to sleep
  • Now supports systems that don’t have SSE2 capable CPUs
  • Desktop icon profiles now wait for 8 seconds on system boot before applying (need to let the desktop startup)
  • Wallpaper gradient angle values ​​are now saved correctly in all situations
  • TitleBar Buttons are no longer added and removed very quickly
  • Window Highlighting no longer crashes in some situations
  • Taskbar Shortcuts edit window now works with a split primary monitor
  • Clearing the wallpaper cache no longer shows a UI
  • No longer receive the “No disk in drive” error message
  • Screen Savers set to span and non-preview mode now work as expected
  • Window Location and Monitor Splits have improved compatibility
  • Taskbar compatibility improvements
  • TitleBar Button compatibility improvements
  • Window Location compatibility improvements
  • Start8 compatibility improvements
  • Start Menu X compatibility improvements
  • Classic Shell 4 compatibility improvements
  • StartIsBack compatibility improvements
  • WindowBlind’s compatibility improvements
  • Directory Opus compatibility improvements

Version number5.1.1
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
WebsiteBinary Fortress
File sizes

9.86MB – 13.25MB

License typeShareware