Software Update: DirSync Pro 1.47

Version 1.47 of DirSync Pro has been released. One or more folders can be synchronized with this open source program, for example a computer with a smartphone or USB memory stick. This can be both uni- and bi-directional. The program is written in Java and therefore platform independent. Downloads are available for DOS, Linux, OS X and Windows, among others. The changelog for this release can be found below:


  • Option in the settings dialog to start the Schedule Engine automatically upon startup.
  • Option to override the read-only attribute in the destination folder when copying/deleting files/dirs.
  • Option in the Command Line Generator window to add /iconify to the generated command line (Feature request: Jim Buszkiewicz)
  • Drag & Drop feature for the source and destination folders. You can now simply drag a folder to the source/destination text fields (Feature request: Garry Benjamin).
  • Number of bytes of the analyzed files is now also shown in the statistics (feature request: Wolfgang).
  • It is now possible to add unlimited number of schedule tasks instead of one per category (feature request: Bill Brehm).
  • Right click context menu ‘Open’ for the DirSync Pro system tray icon (feature request: Evert-Jan).


  • Some visual enhancements.
  • In case of multiple monitor, the open file chooser dialog will now open on the screen in which DirSync Pro is active.
  • The manual has been updated.
  • Some performance enhancements.
  • More debug info to the application log file.
  • Emphasize the conflict files in monodirectional sync a bit more.
  • Better icon lookup algorithm.
  • Toolbar icons do not have any border in Mac OS X.
  • Table grid color is enabled (in case it is disabled like in Mac OS X).
  • Some minor changes to improve stability of the filters.
  • Improved some texts in the GUI.
  • Changing an item in the sync queue will update the overall size statistics.
  • The right click context menu to change the sync mode in the sync queue is now more context aware.
  • More debug information is written to the application log.
  • Cleaned up a little.
  • New algorithm implemented to search for files which improves memory usage and speed.


  • Issue with the filters while synchronizing disk roots (like c:) in MS Windows. (Thanks to Michael Keite for the report).
  • Fixed the bug making weekly schedules not updating ‘next-event’. (Thanks to Shlomi Cohen, Kirk H. and John Mathis for the report).
  • Crash in BI-Custom mode while analyzing some files. (Thanks to Marc van Doornik for the report).
  • Some minor sync issues in BI-directional sync algorithm.
  • Filters were not persisted in custom Bi-directional sync mode; fixed! (Thanks to Marc van Doornik for the report).
  • It’s now possible to pause the Analysis.
  • When using the command line, the /schedule option started the schedule engine but did not gray out the corresponding button int the GUI. Fixed! (Thanks to Jim Buszkiewicz for the report)
  • Custom BI-directional sync mode did not function well all the time. Fixed! (Thanks to Alessandro and Marc van Doornik for the report and Marc again for the specific suggestions to find the bug).
  • Change to ‘Force Copy B’ now works properly!
  • Forced deletion of excluded files/directories did not delete some files in some cases. Fixed!
  • Sync Q will not show an empty tooltip for not existing files.
  • Some minor issues in the GUI.
  • The last column in the schedule table will resize upon resizing application window.
  • Double clicking a filter or a schedule in the job tree opens the job edit dialog and will not cause an exception anymore.
  • Exclude filter didn’t filter files/dirs during the first run in some cases. Fixed! (Thanks to Svend O. Claussen and Clive Sabey for the report).
  • Slow scrolling of the synchronization queue is fixed while synchronizing massive number of files over the network.
  • The GUI was freezing or got less responsive in some cases. Fixed! (Thanks to Bill Brehm for the report).


  • Comparing the file meta data is now only preserved to custom synchronization modes.
  • DirSync Pro now loads the last opened config on start-up by default.

Version number 1.47
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website DirSync Pro
File size


License type GPL