Software update: digiKam 6.0

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Version 6.0 of digiKam has been released. This photo management and image editing application has downloads for Linux, BSD, macOS and Windows. It includes support for various file formats and can also be provided with more options via plug-ins, such as exporting an album to Facebook or Flickr. More about the possibilities of this program is on this page to find. The complete release notes for this release can be found at this pagethe main improvements are briefly summarized below.

The new major version 6.0.0 introduce these new features:

  • Full support of video files management working as photos.
  • An integration of all import/export web-service tools in LightTable, Image editor and Showfoto.
  • Raw file decoding engine supporting new cameras.
  • Similarity data is now stored in a separate file.
  • Simplified web service authentication using OAuth protocol.
  • New tools to export to Pinterest, OneDrive and Box web services.
  • The capability to re-organize the icon-view contents manually.

A huge factoring of source code has been done to reduce external dependencies again with the goal to simplify application compilation, packaging and maintenance for the future. The amount of closed reports for this release is 630 files.

In parallel to purging pending files in bugzilla, the whole digiKam source code (1.2M lines of C++ code) is parsed by three static source code analyzers (open source): Clang scan buildCppCheckand Krazy† We have reduced to the minimum all reports generated by these tools and discovered some important in-deep dysfunctions. This permit also to review automatically all code written by students, before to transitioning implementations to production.

Version number 6.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website digiKam
file size


License type GPL
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