Software update: digiKam 5.9.0


Version 5.9 of digiKam has been released. This photo management and image editing application for KDE has downloads for Linux, BSD, macOS and Windows. It contains support for various file formats and can also be provided with more options via plug-ins, such as exporting an album to Facebook or Flickr. More about the possibilities of this program can be found on this page . The release notes for this issue are as follows:

Improvements and Fixes
Many small fixes have been committed about XMP sidecar support in this release but this is what we need regression tests . My SQL support has also recieve fixes about database schema migration which can introduce errors while converting old database files generated with digiKam 4.x.
Face management have also fixed with some special workflow cases, but lead works still in pending queue for this summer especially to introduce the new recognition algorithms. We also apply some group and ungroup operations done by end users in […]
As always, you can look at the list of 45 resolved issues for detailed information.
Next internship
Open projects for students
Next major version 6.0.0 will look promising and will introduce new features as a full support or video files management working as photo, a huge factoring or code and less external dependencies to simplify application compilation, packaging, and maintenance for the next years. But this is another story that we talk later in this room …
The reports already closed due to new implementations are already important, and nothing is completed yet, as we plan few beta releases before this end or summer.