Software update: DC++ 0.6811

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The P2P program DC++ has been updated to version 0.681 today and immediately succeeded by version 0.6811. DC++ is one of many programs available to exchange files over the Direct Connect network. The two pluses at the end come from the fact that this program is written in C++. Both versions are no more than a bug fix release for version 0.68, which was released earlier this month, a major release with many new features. The changelog shows the following changes:

Changes in 0.6811:

  • Fixed a socket race condition leading to failing connections and crashes

Changes in 0.681:

  • Fixed a crash when using slow sources disconnect
  • Fixed system log overflow
  • Minor user command fix
  • Removed some duplicate code
  • Ctrl-a to select all items in a list
  • Added a check for multiple refreshes running at the same time
  • Fixed a few crashes here and there
  • Fixed no slots message not being sent out always
  • Fixed yassl build locations
  • Added ip resolve cache when searching
  • Failed file moves are now reported to the system log


Version number 0.6811
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SourceForge
License type GPL
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