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Version 21.0.4 of DBeaver has been released. With this program databases can be managed. It can perform queries, display, filter and edit data, among other things. Support for the well-known databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and SQLite, is available. It is available in a CE and EE flavour, with the former being open source at no cost. The enterprise flavor adds support for several nosql databases, such as MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Hive, as well as additional plugins and jdbc drivers. The changelog since version 21.0.2 looks like this:

Changes in DBeaver version 21.0.4:

  • Navigator:
    • Database statistics in simple mode was fixed
    • Legacy search icons were updated
    • Legacy edit toolbar and main toolbar items was removed
    • Columns reorder now supports multiple columns
    • Object lookup function now supports search in comments
    • DBeaver main menus are visible in DBeaver perspective only
  • SQL editor:
    • Collapsed results panel expand was fixed
  • data editor:
    • Find/replace dialog was improved
    • Virtual unique key create dialog was redesigned
    • References panel was fixed for custom SQL queries
  • SSH:
    • SSH Agent support was fixed
    • SSHJ extension install was fixed
  • MySQL:
    • Column editor was fixed (DEFAULT_GENERATED clause removed)
    • Index editor was added
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Schema data types read was fixed
    • Sequence editor was implemented
    • Data type rename support was added
  • SQL Server:
    • Calculated columns support was added
    • Extended properties were added to table DDL
    • Default precision and scale for numeric data types was fixed
    • View triggers support was added
  • Oracle:
    • Functions folder was added (in addition to Procedures)
    • Jobs support was added (read-only)
    • Data type compile action was fixed
    • Synonyms read was fixed for partitioned tables
    • Table triggers loading performance was improved
    • Trigger disable/enable tool was added
    • Procedure/function dependencies were added
    • Comments for views and view columns were added
    • Data type DDL was fixed for predefined types
  • Redshift: problem with read-only resultset was fixed
    • Table columns was fixed for table names with special symbols
    • Hex literal formatting was fixed
  • Sybase IQ: SQL dialect support was improved
  • Snowflake: drop procedure function was fixed
  • DB2: stored procedures call generator was improved
  • vertical:
    • Table column create/edit was fixed
    • View constraints read was implemented
    • Unique key creation was fixed
  • DuckDB driver configuration was added
  • RMI server haze fixed (no more public port listeners)

Changes in DBeaver version 21.0.3:

  • Dark theme support was improved (Windows 10 and GTk)
  • data viewer:
    • Copy As: format configuration editor was added
    • Extra configuration for filter dialog (performance)
    • Sort by column as fixed (for small fetch sizes)
    • Case-insensitive filters support was added
    • Plaintext view now support top/bottom dividers
    • Data editor was fixed (when column name conflicts with alias name)
    • Duplicate row(s) command was fixed for multiple selected rows
    • Edit sub-menu was returned to the context menu
    • Columns auto-size configuration was added
    • Dictionary viewer was fixed (for read-only connections)
    • Current/selected row highlighting support was added (configurable)
  • Metadata search now supports search in comments
  • GIS/Spatial:
    • Map position preserve after tiles change
    • Support of geometries with Z and M coordinates was added
    • Postgis: DDL for 3D geometry columns was fixed
    • Presto + MySQL geometry type support was added
    • BigQuery now supports spatial data viewer
    • Binary geo json support was improved
    • Geometry export was fixed (SRID parameter)
    • Tiles definition editor was fixed (multi-line definitions + formatting)
  • SQL editor:
    • Auto-completion for objects names with spaces inside was fixed
    • Database objects hyperlinks rendering was fixed
  • SQL Server: MFA (multi-factor authentication) support was added
  • PostgreSQL: array data types read was fixed
  • Oracle: indexes were added to table DDL
  • Vertica: LIMIT clause support was improved
  • Athena: extra AWS regions added to connection dialog
  • Sybase IQ: server version detection was improved
  • SAP ASE: user function loading was fixed
  • Informix: cross-database metadata read was fixed
  • We migrated to Eclipse 2021-03 platform

Version number 21.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website DBeaver
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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