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Version 4.0.1 of Darktable has been released. Darktable is an open source raw photo editing program, a virtual light box and dark room for photo editing. It manages digital negatives through a database. The raw photo files are developed by means of so-called sidecar files, whereby the photos are processed in a non-destructive manner. The software is available for various Linux distributions, macOS and Windows. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • Variables $(MAKER) and $(MODEL) can now be used when importing files.
  • Display infinity for very large focus distance as supported by the exif standard.

Bug fixes

  • Fix overexposed indicators after cropping.
  • Fix DNG ​​creation in the HDR merge module (ColorMatrix could be zero).
  • Fix culling layout, which could be broken after a second use when changing the number of images (eg when rejecting an image).
  • Fix GUI reset of the export module when using TIFF format.
  • Fix copy of iop-order in merge mode when multiple instances are used in the destination images.
  • Fix color filter issue on Windows.
  • Fix possible black screen when using auto-white balance on Windows.
  • Properly retain the access and modified timestamps when using copy and import.
  • Fix color picker reset in color zones module.
  • Fix help link for module layout management.
  • Fix crash after a failed camera tethering attempt.
  • Add support for fast pipe mode on the diffuse module. Fast pipe mode is used to bypass long-running modules while interactively changing another module’s parameters where that module does not require accurate image display. For example, it is used to improve responsiveness of the on-screen display in the crop and rotate/perspective modules.
  • Fix some color picker button action types.
  • Fix crash in Latex export.
  • Fix website gallery export.
  • Fix a file handle leak.
  • Fix a memory corruption in sharpen module that could lead to a crash.
  • Fix vectorscope histogram display to avoid cropping the primary and secondary nodes (top and bottom).
  • Add HEIF media type association for the desktop.
  • Fix possible crash when using the color checker without a properly selected patch.
  • Fix sorting of LUT 3D files and left-align the entries for better readability.
  • Disable upscaling when export size is set to original image dimensions (0) as this does not have meaning and could crash darktable.
  • Fix possible crash when applying a time-offset to images.
  • Fix crop-size information displayed on screen (rounding issue).
  • Fix blending detail mask memory requirement.
  • Fix crash when zooming with fingers on an empty lighttable.
  • Ensure that external format size limits are enforced during export.
  • Some CSS fixes on color, contrast, positioning of combo-boxes, check-box size, scrollbars and progress bars.
  • Fix JPEG APP1 header (skip 6-byte header).
  • Fix some missing translations in notebook tabs.
  • Use a color-managed background for color balance rgb module sliders.
  • Light up midi modifier keys when shift/ctlr/alt are pressed.
  • Some speed improvements (tuned compiler options, some optimized routines)

Version number 4.0.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Dark table
License type GPL
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