Software update: Cura 4.9.1

Cura was developed by Ultimaker to make 3d printing as easy and streamlined as possible. Cura contains everything you need to be able to print a 3d file. It works with all Ultimaker printers, as well as those from RepRap and Printrbot. Cura is easy to install and contains the latest firmware as well as the calibration files for the 3d printer. Version 4.9.1 of Cura has been released and since version 4.8 the following changes and improvements have been made:

Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1

This is a patch release fixing some important bugs and adding new profiles.

PETG Profile update.

  • Ultimaker PETG profiles have been added. The Generic PETG profile for 2.85mm filaments has been updated as well.

Bug Fixes

  • The second extruder should now prime properly again when using a prime blob.
  • Reduced the flood of QML errors in the log file. Contributed by fieldOfView.
  • Fixed a crash when entering layer view on macOS 10.13.6. Contributed by jwrw.
  • Fixed a crash when there was an inaccessible X: drive in Windows. Cura should no longer try to access the X: drive now.

Ultimaker Cura 4.9.0


  • Digital factory integration – Now you can open files directly from Digital Library projects. Then, after preparation, quickly and easily export them back. This feature is available for all users with an Ultimaker Essentials, Professional, or Excellence subscription. Learn more
  • “Line type” is now the default color scheme: When entering the Preview mode, you don’t have to switch manually to line type.
  • Z-seam is now clearly shown in preview mode: This ensures that you will know whether the seam will be sufficiently hidden in the end product. This will also indicate the starting point of the print.

Other Features

  • New ‘line width’ color-scheme available in preview mode: Line-width can now be selected as a color-scheme in preview mode.
  • Weight estimation in decimals: This provides a more detailed idea of ​​the amount of material used – which is especially useful for smaller prints.
  • Split Shell category into Walls and Top/Bottom: The shell category was a mix of settings about walls and settings about top/bottom, splitting them into two categories makes more sense.
  • Post-processing script to embed screenshot in gcode: The ability to have thumbnails embedded.
  • Add checkbox for Extruder Offsets: Ability to enable or disable the extruder offsets to gcode. This will be enabled by default unless it is in the printer’s def.json file.
  • Cura should work properly on MacOS ‘Big Sur’ now, afforded by upgrades to Python (to 3.8) and Qt (to 5.15). If you had (UX, visual, graphics card) problems, specifically on (newer) MacOS versions, like Big Sur, you should be able to use this new version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a security vulnerability on windows permitting the openssl library used to launch other programs. Thanks to Xavier Danest for raising this bug.
  • Fixed Connect Top/Bottom Polygons.
  • Fixed closing Marketplace after quitting Cura.
  • Fixed clicking on Marketplace button to go to web Marketplace.
  • Fixed Pause at Height when using Repetier flavour.
  • Fixed correct density for current PETG filaments.
  • Fixed Pause at height post-processing script that returns to the right position.
  • Fixed layer view being grayed out after reslicing.
  • Fixed fan speed issue due to reuse of empty extruder plan.
  • Fixed loading OBJ files with no texture references, but does have normal references.
  • Fixed retraction/priming while extruder switches.
  • Fixed loading script from all registered resource paths.
  • Fixed typeError: define_round_method.
  • Fixed missing layer with Hole Horizontal Expansion.
  • Fixed Tree Support Floor layers.
  • Fixed Top Surface Skin Layers if Top layers = 0.
  • Fixed recent files on opening as project.
  • Fixed opening project file from command line.
  • Fixed thumbnail in UFP files.
  • Fixed validator for floats in Machine Settings dialog.
  • Fixed recessed areas at the bottom of a model while using Make Overhangs Printable.
  • Fixed slicing grouped models if one of the group parts is below Z=0.
  • Fixed material temperatures and fan speed for Anycubic i3 Mega.
  • Fixed drop model down to buildplate when always drop to buildplate is disabled.
  • Fixed drop objects to buildplate after scaling.
  • Fixed disallowed areas while using Brim Line Widths.
  • Fixed message for non manifold models.
  • Fixed setting category arrows.
  • Fixed metadata tags for 3MF files.
  • Fixed engine crash when using low-density Cross Infill.
  • Improved performance of loading .def.json files.

Printer definitions, profiles and materials

  • 3DFuel Pro PLA and SnapSupport materials
  • Cubincon Style NeoA31, contributed by HUNIBESTHyVISION.
  • Eryone thinker series and Eryone ER20
  • Flashforge DreamerNX
  • Fused Form FF300
  • Geeetech A10 improved start and end gcode
  • ideagen3D Sapphire and ideagen3D Sapphire Plus
  • INAT Proton X printers
  • Koonovo
  • liquid
  • Lulzbot TAZ Pro and Lulzbot Mini 2
  • MakerMade 300x printer
  • Snap maker 2.0
  • Sri Vignan Technologies
  • Syndaver AXI Machine
  • Tinyboy Fabricator Mini 1.5
  • Trimaker printers
  • TwoTrees Bluer
  • Update Hellbot Magna 1 and Hellbot Magna dual
  • Update Rigid3D and added Rigid3D Mucit2
  • Update TPU profiles for 0.6mm nozzle of UM2+C
  • ZAV series

Version number 4.9.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website ultimate maker
File size


License type GPL