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Version 1.176.0 of CudaText has been released. This open source and cross platform text editor is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD and Solaris. It has extensive options which are of particular interest to software developers. It is developed in Object Pascal, starts quickly and through Python add-ons the functionality can be further extended. The program is under active development and new versions appear regularly. The changelog since version 1.174.0 looks like this:

Changes in CudaText version 1.176.0:

  • Add: Windows: avoid annoying white line under themed menubar
  • Add: option to turn off ‘line states’: “gutter_line_states”
  • Add: Project Manager: don’t sort ‘by extension’: a) folders, b) non-Latin extensions
  • Add: apply options “caret_view*” also to plugins’ input fields
  • Change: Find dialog: make all buttons not focusable
  • Change: option “unprinted_content” sub-option “x”: a) must hide marks when there is no selection, b) must affect line-break marks too
  • Change: make jump in the “delete word” commands similar to Sublime/Firefox
  • Fix: when Project Manager opens ‘preview’ tab, it must be activated
  • Fix: bad rendering of ‘pilcrow’ unprinted mark on Unixes

Changes in CudaText version 1.175.0:

  • Change: changed rendering of “Unicode combined characters” (accent chars), now they have separate char-cell like letters; this was needed to solve several issues with accent chars
  • Change: don’t activate ui-tab by right/middle click
  • Change: Find dialog: close the dialog after ‘Select all’/’Mark all’
  • Change: Find dialog: now Up-arrow goes to next dropdown item (before Down-arrow did that), like in Sublime Text
  • Change: API event on_change_slow becomes more lazy, ie it fires only in the application idle state (no keyboard/mouse input for 1-2secs)
  • Add: dialog About: add button ‘Copy to clipboard’
  • Fix: with “undo_persistent” on, lines with tab-chars were loaded wrong from undo-file
  • Fix: options “caret_view*” did not affect: find-dialog, console, code-tree filter, menu dialogs
  • Fix: command “insert empty line below” inserted 2 lines at the file end
  • Fix: command “delete line” was not deleting the last line
  • Fix: wrong Undo after Alt+Up / Alt+Down
  • Fix: regression in 1.173: code-tree was not updated good for lite lexers
  • Fix: regression in 1.171: with 3 selections ‘_[dd][dd][dd]_’ typing ‘a’ produced ‘_a_’ instead of ‘_aaa_’
  • Fix: regression in 1.166.x: _empty_ session was reopened wrong

Version number 1.176.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website CudaText
License type GPL
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