Software Update: CS Fire Monitor 1.0.9

CS Fire Monitor has recently been upgraded to version 1.0.9 from its developers. This release is from here down and weighs a good eight megabytes. This program is able to monitor data traffic and CPU usage, among other things. In addition, the hard disk space is checked and the installed hardware and software are logged. For a full list of features, please visit this page† Unfortunately we do not know what the changes are from 1.0.9. However, the following information from version 1.1.0 has appeared on the Crofts Software forum:

Alert windows have been added. Some program tweaks, Also external window reports will be added (the user will have an option to view a full screen report instead of just the current non-sizable ones) We have got some great feedback so far. And we are adding new things all the time. Only one thing can’t be added and that is resizing. There are over 600 controls in the program, to resize, code will have to be added for all controls, this would be a huge amount of code and make the program huge and a memory hog. So for features that users wish to view something bigger, we will add separate forms that can be resized. Right now only reports will have those.

Version number 1.0.9
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Croft’s Software
File size


License type Freeware