Software Update: Cornfed SIP User Agent 0.9.9

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Cornfed SIP User Agent is, as the name suggests, a program that can make calls via SIP to other users of this VoIP protocol. The program is written specifically for the Linux platform and supports both ALSA and OSS. Although the program was written for Linux, the program is distributed as closed source. For more information about Cornfed SIP User Agent and how to use it, we refer you to this manual. The developers have released version 0.9.9 with the following changes:

Version 0.9.9:

  • (GUI) Removed A,B,C,D DTMF buttons from dialpad
  • (UA)(CLI)(GUI) Separate setting of ringtone file and device functions
  • (GUI) Added remembering of client window size between runs
  • (GUI) Added icon to main window title bar
  • (UA) Added short usleep() to soundcard and ringtone write routine busy waits on their respective output buffers to reduce overall CPU usage

Version 0.9.8:

  • (UA) Enclosed passwords in quotes in Contacts file to allow use of commas in passwords
  • (UA) Changed permissions for all config files to user read/write only
  • (GUI) Added ringtone device selection to Settings popup window
  • (CLI) Added ringtone device selection to ringtone command
  • (UA) Added support for a ringtone soundcard separate from the media soundcard
  • (UA)(CLI)(GUI) Added ability to clear call history

Version 0.9.7:

  • (GUI) Fixed bug where all outstanding registrations were not being unregistered when the client exited
  • (UA)(CLI)(GUI) Added soundcard selection for media during client execution
  • (GUI) Modifications to GUI design to address Gnome HIG 2.0
  • (GUI) Removed volume control widget
  • (UA)(CLI)(GUI) Removed handling of OSS mixer device
  • (UA) Add check whether saved soundcard exists when starting up and fall back to a default device if it does not
  • (UA)(CLI)(GUI) Fixed bug where re-registrations for multiple providers conflicted with alternate user settings

The following two flavors are available:
Linux i386RPM

Version number 0.9.9
Operating systems Linux x86
Website Cornfed Systems
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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