Software Update: CoreELEC 9.2.4

The developers behind Core Embedded Linux Entertainment Center recently released version 9.2.4. CoreELEC is a fork of LibreELEC, which in turn arose after a large number of developers left OpenELEC due to disagreements and started their own business. These Linux distributions are based on Kodi and can turn a computer into a full-fledged htpc. CoreELEC focuses specifically on the chips of amlogic. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes Since 9.2.3:

  • Update Kodi to 18.8
  • Added support for ODROID-N2Plus
  • Added support for Libre Computer La Frite
  • Fix issue with update notification
  • One less black screen / mode switch during boot on some devices
  • Improve mounting storage devices with duplicate names
  • GXL devices supported with 4.9 kernel Amlogic-NG builds
    (considered experimental for some devices)
  • User can configure libcec version for better compatibility
  • Playback fixes for some h264 content
  • Improved handling of stock clock speeds on some devices.
  • Added DT for Beelink GS King X to handle fan control
  • Added support for ODROID HiFi-Shields and other I2S devices on ODROID-C4
  • Updated to an improved version of OpenVFD
  • Added support for RTL8156 based USB adapters (2.5g Ethernet)
  • Added RT5651 analog audio amp support (MINIX U22X-XJ & Ugoos AM6)
  • Added SPI device for devices with GPIO headers (ODROID & VIM3(l))
  • ceemmc: added official support for Beelink & MINIX devices
  • bl301: support for GXL devices on amlogic-ng builds
  • Added settings for basic HDD park/idle control
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements

Version number 9.2.4
Release status Final
Website CoreELEC
License type GPL