Software update: CDex 1.50 beta 8

CDex is perhaps one of the most widely used programs to rip CDs to MP3. Beta 8 of version 1.50 is the latest version and has the following changes:

  • Exclude ‘ character to determine word in modify track name
  • Fixed problem: on some CDs the track length was not calculated correctly
  • Updated several language file
  • Selecting track after editing a couple of track names was not working properly
  • Don’t auto shutdown when abort/cancel button has been pressed
  • Switch back to sorted genre combo list, to ease the search of genres
  • Removed CDDB default servers, since they won’t work anymore
  • Removed several language files, added a special WEB page with latest language files
  • Added TLEN (track length) ID3V2 tag field
  • Made the buttons in the right hand side toolbar a bit more descriptive
  • Reset track offset (to zero) when inserting a new CD
  • Fixed problems with FLAC external encoder, however, still have to specify the output filename, thus the proper parameter string is %”1 -o %2″ and set the extension to FLAC
  • Don’t write default ogg vorbis comment tag when the comment string is empty[break] You can also install the program from the ZIP file
  • Version number 1.50 beta 8
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
    Website CDex
    file size


    License type GPL