Software update: Caliber 4.7.0

The seventh update for version 4.0 of Caliber has been released. Caliber is an open source ebook management program and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Among other things, it can look up all relevant information and cover images, and convert e-books to make them suitable for the various types of e-readers. Furthermore, the program can convert newspapers, magazines and news articles based on RSS feeds into e-book format. Books can also be purchased with Caliber at the well-known web stores. In version 4.0 we find a completely renewed Content Server, there is a new e-book viewer and Qt WebKit has been replaced by Qt WebEngine. In version 4.7.0 we find, among other things, a dark mode.

New features

  • macOS: Use transient scrollbars unless they are disabled in system preferences.
  • Viewer toolbar: Add actions for next and previous section. They are not added to the toolbar by default, customize it to add them.
  • Viewer: Add an option to keep the toolbar visible in full screen mode (Viewer Preferences->Miscellaneous).
  • Viewer: Allow modifying the current selection using Ctrl+Shift+Arrow. Close tickets: 1855942.
  • Book details: Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel->Book details to show a heading for the comments in the book details panel. Close tickets: 1855942.
  • Edit book: Spell check: Ignore soft hyphens in words.
  • Viewer: In multiple pages per screen mode, When paging back to a chapter we have just paged forward from return to the exact position we left from in terms of number of blank trailing pages displayed. Close tickets: 1856472.
  • Viewer: Add a setting under Preferences->Colors to control when the viewer will override all book colors or not.

Bug fixes

  • Viewer: Fix flick scrolling in flow mode jumping to next chapter. Close tickets: 1856398.
  • Windows: Possible fix for some windows appearing off screen on multi-monitor setups. Close tickets: 1857651.
  • macOS: Fix PDF Output not working when running ebook-convert via symlink on the command line. Close tickets: 1857377.
  • PDF Output: Ignore upto 8 byte glyph data size mismatches when merging identical glyphs. Close tickets: 1857268.
  • Edit Book: Spell Check: Fix words surrounded by narrow non-breaking spaces being incorrectly detected as mis-spelled.
  • Get books: Update various Polish language stores.
  • macOS: Fix drag and drop to re-arrange items in the viewer toolbar not working.
  • PDF Output: When an inline image is placed alone inside a block tag, ensure that it is not split over two pages.
  • ToC editor: Fix generate from links not working correctly when links have no fragments. Close tickets: 1856395.
  • PDF Output: Dont dedup images that cannot be uncompressed. Close tickets: 1856564.
  • Advanced search dialog: Fix an error when closing dialog if on the second tab and no field is focused.

Improved news sources

  • Global Times
  • London Review of Books
  • The Telegraph (UK)
  • The Economist

Version number 4.7.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website caliber
License type GPL