Software Update: BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server is, as the name suggests, an open source payment processor for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With this you can easily accept crypto payments in, for example, a webshop. There are several modules available that allow it to integrate into the popular ecommerce packages such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, and PrestaShop. For more information, we refer you to the documentation from BTCPay Server. The developers released version a few days ago with the following announcement and changes:

New version of BTCPay Server – v1.0.6.0 is out!

We’re excited to announce the new version of the BTCPay Server – v1.0.6.0! The new release introduces new features, UI improvements, Greenfield API additions, a bunch of bug fixes and a patch for a privacy vulnerability found in relation the payment button feature.

If you’re using payment button in any form, we strongly recommend that you update your BTCPay Server.

Important security fix

  • Due to a privacy leak vulnerability, users of the payment button are strongly encouraged to update as soon as possible.

New features

  • Add QR code scan/show for PSBT + Import wallet via QR spec (supported by Cobo vault / Blue wallet) (#1931)
  • Checkout experience: Unified QR Code for on-chain and offchain payment (ref #2060)
  • Greenfield: Clean webhook API github-like (ref #2058)
  • Greenfield: Can query invoice payment data
  • Allow users to select block explorers from a list or specify their own URL
  • Allow disabling live notifications globally and disabling specific notifications per user (ref #1991)
  • Allow custom redirect_url for PoS (ref #1924)
  • A new experimental plugin system


  • UI: Make store setup more intuitive (ref #2011)
  • UI: Improve payment request design (ref #2011) (ref #2011)
  • UI: Improve pull payments design (ref #2011)
  • UI: Improvement of the modal checkout overlay (see this comment)
  • BTCPay Server vault operations can now be retried without having to refresh the page
  • UX: Warning and hint system for stores not completely set up
  • Greenfield (Breaking change): Invoice state renamed Confirmed/Complete to Settled.
  • Greenfield (Breaking change): Invoice state renamed Paid to Processing.
  • Breaking change: Remove SQLite as the default database option
  • UI: Make sure transaction labels display correctly when there are many (ref #2076)
  • UI: Properly center payment button content
  • UI: Improvement of the lightning node info view (ref #2066)
  • Share the link of a pay button so one can embed in a QR code (fix #635)
  • Checkout experience: Make QR codes with bech32 uppercase again
  • Add warning if the merchant setup invoice confirmation to zero conf
  • Adds a warning to configure the e-mail server before “Requires a confirmation mail for registering” checkbox can be checked if e-mail server is not configured.
  • Payment requests: Partially paid invoices are reused for future payments in payment requests.
  • API Keys UI: Properly align form items
  • Wallets: By default, created PSBT were including previous transactions. Some hardware wallets ended up returning timeouts, so we reverted this decision.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix payment button page title (ref #1952)
  • Do not log the database connection string
  • Payjoin: Use base64 instead of hex for BIP78 (fix #1984)
  • If a password fail to be reset by mail, show proper error (fix #1986)
  • Email was not included in the invoice text search
  • Greenfield: The create invoice route should not sending back generic errors if it fails
  • Fix up links which were ignoring custom root path
  • Greenfield: Opening a channel with lightning was not working properly (ref #2054)
  • Docs: Create invoice route was referencing the wrong type in the doc
  • Payment Request user input rounding issue (ref #2014)
  • In store settings, the create new token button was returning an error
  • Wallet: When clicking on the app’s label of a transaction, an error 404 occured
  • Checkout experience: If coinswitch was activated, the altcoin tab was missing
  • If Email verification is turned off but you requested a forgot password form, it would ignore the request internally.
  • Docs: Fix swagger format for dates
  • Payjoin: Do not include maxadditionalfeecontribution if there is no change. (ref #2007)
  • Checkout: If an invoice accepting lightning payments was partially paid, the payment of the new lightning invoice was buggy.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Website BTCPay
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)